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March 2023

My name is Phil.

And this of a blog post. It’s not just any blog post, it is mine. And that’s about as far as I’m willing to go butchering full metal jacket quotes at this stage.

So lots of stuff has happened since I updated last, and I will share all that with you shortly, but first I should set the record straight about something. The reason I’ve been lax in my updates isn’t because I have nothing to say, or god forbid, that I’m lazy. No, it is simply because I care too much. You see, I don’t want to simply spit out any post for you – I want to give you art. By maintaining this strict quality control i’m ensuring the best possible ‘reading this blog’ experience you can have. So no, I’m not lazy. No, not at all…

This came up when I google image searched “art”.

I’ll start with a game that Cal and I have been playing lately. In an effort to have Cal share in one of my favourite pastimes – ie ‘sitting in front of the tv’ , we bought a game called ‘Viva Piniata’. For those not in the know, the game is basically a farming simulator in which you create a virtual garden and populate it with animals which you can breed. Note the italics there. It’s this aspect of the game that we both find the most amusing (well, aside from arguments over whether the apple trees should go in the center or the corners of the garden). The way it works is that if you have two Piniatas of the same type that have their demands met, they are ready to do ‘the romance dance’ after which Storkos delivers an egg. If your Piniata are called Fudgehog 1 and Fudgehog 2 for instance, their baby will be called Fudgehog 3. Which is cool. Allowing and encouraging you to mate Fudgehog 1 and Fudgehog 3 however, is not, and really a bit creepy. Further to this you are also allowed to sell what you breed for an exhorbitant amount of chocolate coins. I’m sure you’re thinking on the same track with me here – they’re being sold into slavery. Cal certainly gets money signs in her eyes then we breed a Beezle Buzz – those things can be sold for like 1000 coins!

Ca Ching! Slavery has never been so fun!

Moving right along, we recently went to a performance of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ done by Indian martial artists. Now on paper, this is the perfect way to entice me to are a Shakespeare play – by promising me kung fu. Unfortunately it didn’t quite pan out that way. You see, one of my other (unstated) requirements for enjoying a play is being able to understand any of what is going on. This play had a few problems in this department. First and foremost, was that half of the play was in what I assume to be Hindi. So they’d be doing their thing in ye olde english (with a strong accent for the most part), and then midway through their sentence change language entirely. This is all well and good if you’re familiar with the story already and can fill in the blanks (much like one would watch a late night movie with the sound off), but since I am a young man with a natural obliviousness to any sort of classical culture, this was not the case for me. I don’t think I was alone in this either – the first 15 minutes were accompanied by a low murmur from the crowd as people turned to their friends and asked: “is it all meant to be like this?”. As a saving grace we were, however, allowed to drink beer during the performance, which was a definite plus.

What else? Cal has been to LA recently in a shopping trip (leaving me at home crying myself to sleep every night), but I’ll leave describing that to her. She did bring back a stack of american junk food – which is sugary beyond imagination. It took me three attempts to eat 2 twinkies, and those bloody things are at the bottom of the mystical american junk food chain.

On a topic that is slightly related to LA, the game I’m working on (Heavenly Sword) was featured on Heroes lately. What makes it even more cool is that it shows off some of my stuff, check it out!

Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers

This also reminds me of something I forgot about – Happy Feet won an oscar! I’m pretty damn happy with that. If you want to refer to me from now on as ‘that guy we know that isn’t Russell Crowe that worked on an oscar winning film’ then feel free! 🙂

And finally, we have a couple of trips booked in the next couple of months. Munich for easter, and then Amsterdam for early may. I would say keep an eye out for updates on this blog, but as I’ve mentioned; these days it’s all about quality control.


Comment from H
Time: March 14, 2007, 3:23 am

Given the choice, I like to eat the buffet.

Comment from Phil
Time: March 14, 2007, 3:53 am

I’ll see what I can do.
On a related note though, there are a tonne of crappy Thai buffet places around where we live, appropriately named “Thai Buffet”. Now I feel like a tremendous nerd in saying this, but everytime I see this I subconciously think of the following pokemon (Wobuffet):

Comment from Hoa
Time: March 14, 2007, 3:13 pm

Thai buffet? There’s only so much pad-thai and coconut based curry I can eat before the stomach gets a little queasy. I like it, but a thai-buffet is like all you can eat fairy floss, or cherries, or soju. There are unintended consequences. 🙂

While we are on the subject of buffet, we went to the NY todai (Japanese buffet) during out stay and, oh man. Every single japanese culinary delight was there for the taking. I’ve never felt so worthy of being ‘rolled’ out of a buffet before, as I did when I went there.

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