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September 2021

Bangkok Hilton

Trapped in Bangkok. Thailand doesn't want us to leave.

20 minutes after sitting down in a Internet cafe relatively close (but not close enough in the end) to our accommodation (New Siam II – Highly Recommend) the monsoon starts. Its 32 Degrees Centigrade and there is hail falling out side. Locals are crowding under what little protection is given by the shops awning. And the food stalls set up along the street have become swamped.

Our flight tonight leaves at 00:20 hours. that's 12:12am tomorrow *joy* :p. We have packed our bags and expertly weighed them using the scales I was surprised to find in our room.

Phil has managed to reduce his check in bags weight so should make it in under 23 kilos and I've got approx 20 kilos. Just do weigh my hand luggage! I am just lucky that Macpac's are such sturdily made bags ;).

So since I'm not planing on leaving the dry sanctuary of this Internet cafe for a time yet (read: until rain stops or i run out of toilet paper) I thought i would post up a summary of our time in Thailand.. or more or a review of the locations and attractions, what i would recommend, and what I have on my list to do "next time" the opportunity arises.

So lets start where we end, like the snake eating its tail.. its all very zen. 😉

During this trip we stayed in Bangkok on three separate locations, all upon necessity of travel transfers and on each occasion have stayed in the vicinity of the infamous Khao San Rd. The haunt of budget backpackers trying to hold on to their cash and local trying to relive them of it.

We stayed on Rhambutti Rd, the sight of THE BEST FRUIT SHAKES IN THAILAND (when hes there he is situates in the back of a truck/ute with the floor removed outside the 7 eleven). hehe.. Also the Shark cheap bucked combivan come bar is at the end of the street closest to Khao San all in the shadow of a temple/monastery.

Other Highlights of Bangkok:
The Paragon food court – the only reason we didn't go back today was that it was closed due to what the locals call "meetings" and what the international news has been calling "Tens of thousands of Thai protesters have marched through Bangkok's central shopping district" . . But all is well and no violence has so far been reported..

The massage place in the shopping centre just off Chitlom Station. 2 hours of bliss (well Phil's oil massage was apparently a tad more blissful than my 2 hour Thai massage).


Comment from Callina
Time: March 30, 2006, 7:38 am

[b]Northern Thailand: Chaing Mai, Pai [/b]
The town of 3 days trecks and cooking schools; Chaing Mai is a cool place to spend time and money. This was a more cultural spot and a good place to pick up Thai slver.

Predomantly Buddist.

[b]Central Thailand: Sukothai, Lopburi [/b]
The Sukothi historical park is a must see (unlike the town accompaniying it). Lopburi's monkeys were also and experience but again there are better places to spend a night :p

[b]Southern Thailand: Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi, Phuket[/b]
Cooler tempertature and less uncomfortably humid than any other area the Islands in southernt Thailand have been a blast.

My highlights were Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi with an honarably mention going to our last day on Phuket spent on patong beach under the shade of an umbrella.

Food was on the whole better than up north.

Also the south was predominantly Muslim.

(Rain has stopped – out into the light we go. Glee!)

Comment from Phil
Time: March 30, 2006, 7:39 am

My highlight's were Ko Phi Phi by a country mile, followed by Ko Phangan and the Beach at Ko Samui. Really, come to to think of it, the only place I really didn't enjoy was Phuket (Patong Beach). However, as Cal mentioned, the last day we spent there hanging out on the beach (~5hours under the umbrella) was pretty damn awesome.

Comment from Phil
Time: March 30, 2006, 7:41 am

Oh, and I must fleetingly mention that we're going from solid 30 odd degree days to 8-12 degrees in England.

May god have mercy on our souls.

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