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March 2023

Food Glorious Food

Its been a busy week.

I have decided to take up Spanish classes when i get back from Australia and 3 guys from my office are joining in my pursuit so its going to be a blast. After many emails and phone called its all set up for the week after I get back.

My understanding is that Spanish is much easier than French because of the simpler pronunciation and the way they write phonetically. French has been great and Im glad I did it but think that spanish will be more usefull because more people speak it.
I am torn though as, if I thought I could, I would do both French and Spanish classes. For the first two weeks i guess I will get to see what it is like.

I would really like to do the next French course (12 weeks) just to get me up to a more usable level. My understanding has increased amazingly but I still struggle with all the new vocab – for example numbers… having NEVER done French (I did Mandarin for 2 years – oh how I wish I had Kept at that too!) i have had to learn all the numbers from scratch where as all the others in the class did French in high school so started with the basics in tact, if in need of a refresher.

I have really found that my pronunciation is good when i can listen to a native speaker and my English vocabulary really serves me well as so many words have an English word with similar meaning that derived from the same origin. It has actually surprised both my French teachers my ability to produce an example to help with the memerisation.

After French class Thursday was agent drinks night. Ended up at Lounge Lover ( where they have a roaring hippo head on the wall with bejeweled deer antlers. The cocktails are great I got a hot apple cinnamon concoction rich with flavor and after much discussion we decided counted butter as one of its ingredients. We tried to get into Green and Red ( only to end up at Giraffes. I got a veggie burgger with Tasiki, Roasted Peppers, Grilled Halumi, tomato, flafals and more.

Friday I went with the work lunch crew to borough markets!( It is simply a gastronomic theme park and only a 10 min walk from work. Had a Chirozo Toasted role with fresh rocket and roasted red peppers. Than then samples an endless assortment of organic hand made and very tasty produce. That night Phil and I found the only Laksa we have found outside of australasia and it was great and so cheap at only 3 pounds!!

Today I headed to taylor taylor ( for a fab hair cut by Danny. I cant wait to get back to aus and show it off. Danny is a macho gay Lebanese guy that does some great funky stuff and is currently cutting for fashion shows and might be doing a uk extreme make over TV show soon. After the cut i wandered around Shorditch basking in my newly acquired funkiness and picked up a fabulous Salt Beef Roll up the Hoxton end of brick lane. YUM!!

Tonight we are off to Sabor ( to check out what South American treats they have on offer. GOsh I wish I was off to South America like Gus.. envy ++

Tomorrow shall be the big pack day… If anyone back in Aus wants us to bring them anything speak now or forever hold your peace.


Comment from Callina
Time: January 21, 2007, 12:31 pm

Sabor turned out to be really great. Had a sea bass cerviche to start and then red snapper with red beans and a great onion sauce. BOth were excellent and what was really great was that it was phil's first South American food! Def going back.

Watched L'appartment ( with daph last night. Great twisted story of obsessive love. Highly recommend it but it will keep you on your toes..blink and you'll miss a critical plot twist or not realise your actually in a flash back.

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