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July 2020

I do things too you know!

Cal is so much better at describing things than I, so while I was viagra canadian pharmacy in attendance at pretty much all of the things she’s described (“sitting at home and playing xbox” as it were) , I think her commentary is quite apt and will so let it be. This may also be a round about way of saying that I’ve been too lazy recently to actually put an entry together.

But you’re in luck! Another entry from me! I can practically feel the joy radiating off your face as you read this. And the topic of this entry are two things that are rather dear to my heart of late: football, and ducks.

The football (or soccer for the rest of us) part is related to me going to the Australia v Gana friendly a few days ago. Mendel scored a ticket for me a few weeks ago, which was awesome except for the fact that we both totally forgot about it till lunchtime the day of the game. Regrettably this meant that both of us were minus our Australian paraphernalia that we keep for occasions just like this one.

So anyway, the game was held at a relatively small venue in Shepherd’s Bush which Mendel informed me was Australia’s international friendly home ground. Which sorta makes sense in a way considering pretty much all of the team plays in or around Europe. It was also probably the first football game I’ve seen in a good 10 years at least, and the atmosphere was quite different to what I remember. I guess the change comes down to in Australia 10 years ago no one gave a rat’s ass about the game, and here everyone is nuts over it. Being around a few thousand other Aussies also was a lot of fun – I don’t think anything can quite compare to a crowd full of us in terms of atmosphere. The game ended as a 1 -1 draw, but it was a thoughroughly entertaining match – both sides played attacking games, and there was lots of excitement.

In addition to this, Cal managed to somehow snag tickets for us to go and see Arsenal vs Newcastle Utd. Now this was something I’ve wanted to do since I came to England – go to a Premiere League match, and it was made especially sweet since Arsenal are the team I’ve more or less adopted since coming here (they’re our local side), and it was a game in the new Emirates Stadium, which is 60,000 seats of awesomeness.

Emirates on the inside

The atmosphere is really quite tough to describe. I’d initially lean towards hyperboles such as “stupendous” and “better than watching 10 dogs form a human (dog?) pyramid” but these wouldn’t do justice to the situation. You can really see why in some leagues extra points are awarded to teams which win while away – the voices of 60 thousand people singing, and willing their team to succeed is a force to be reckoned with. Of course, being the naive Aussies, we didn’t really know any of the chants or songs going into the match, but by the end, we were singing along with the rest of them. It’s really a tonne of fun. What really surprised me was that it also had a family atmosphere. I�d always thought of Premiere League matches as full of yobs wanting to beat the crap out of each other – and that was certainly there, but there were also quite a few families there enjoying the game. I do wonder how they afford it though, seeing as the nosebleed tickets we got cost £45 each.

Now onto the second section of this post. Ducks. Now Cal has described in previous entries, a few weeks ago we went to Leeds Castle. We’ve already mentioned how cool the castle was, but it may not have been mentioned that my favourite aspect of the whole place was the ducks. You see, for a while now I’ve been talking to a friend of mine Michael back home about comedy animals. We both agree that the old school comedy animals are the monkeys. It’s not difficult to make monkeys funny. They’re like stupid humans – the comedy practically writes itself. Michael believes that the new up and coming comedy animal is the squid. It’s big and slimy, and capable of swallowing submarines, so I think he’s got a point. However, I have now decided that the newest comedy animal is the duck. Let�s look at it objectively. They’re small. They waddle. They’ve got inquisitive natures, and to top it all off they’ve got a history of biting small children. They’ve got it all!

A duck
It just quacks me up!

I was so inspired by the sheer comedy that these ducks leaked that I wanted to start the website . Unfortunately though some vile person has already registered it, leaving me without options. Where else will the masses get their random pictures of ducks to make their day go faster? If I can’t help them who can? Wont someone think of the children?

And finally, Happy Feet has come out in the states. And is actually getting really good reviews, as you can see here: Happy Feet. So that a year of my life was not spent in vain, please go and see it – you should enjoy it. I think it’s coming out here in the UK early December, and in Australia on boxing day. Be sure to look out for me in the credits, and feel free to tell people that you know someone who worked on the movie. I do do autographs.

(although I do charge $5 a pop).


Comment from Dean Tate
Time: November 24, 2006, 4:57 am

What about Ferrets? They're like tiny, very smart dogs mixed with rabbits. They're also born with a burglars mask: how many of us humans can claim the same thing?

Comment from Michael
Time: December 7, 2006, 7:59 am

Ferrets SMELL, Dean. It's hard to be amused by something that makes your nasal passages want to crawl back into your lungs…

Squid will always be funny.

Comment from Phil
Time: December 7, 2006, 10:37 pm

I have to side with blakey on this one unfortunately Dean. I guess I do sorta see where you're coming from – they're small, and have a habit of making women squeal, but I just don't see the comedy.

Although, after google image searching the following my opinion may be swaying…

(Not sure why comments are appearing out of order…)

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