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July 2020

Petty Coat Lane Markets

This weekend has been fairly relaxed Friday and sat night saw Phil and I catch up on our TV watching (Grey's Anatomy – All the love affairs is getting too much for me., Heros – New series that I like a lot more than Phil does, Veronica Mars – Logan is one to watch, Lost – Never ending cycle of half answers and further questions, Survivor (US) – OMG what an ep!! Jonathon is so up the creek with out a paddle).

Vicki whom has been staying with us for the past week has found a place on the 22nd floor of an apartment block just up city rd from us which is very exciting. I have really enjoyed her company but it will be nice to have our room to ourselves so it is a bitter sweet departure. Im looking forward to having a look at her view!

The North East of London really has become the epicentre of our (Uni) groups habitation. Mendel has become the only outlier so far when he moved from kings cross over to earls court (granted to a lovely red brick mansion block). Phil and I are still looking to move to somewhere more central to angel station and to a place with a lounge.. Living out of one room has its moments.. As do the two weirdoes we live with. I walked in on the girl friend, of the one in the room on the left, smoking in the kitchen on the weekend. She was nice and asked if it bothered me and I said quite simply 'yes' so she went out side.. But really her smoking in his room is one thing but smoking in the kitchen is just outrageous (and I think he doesn�t let her smoke in his room). So im glad that is sorted and will be so glad when we find and move into a new place. 🙂

On Sat we went and looked a place offering a room for £185 in angel. It had a great back patio which backed onto a private common green and did meet the requirement of having a lounge.. But the thing that turned me off was the one bathroom for 6 people and no power shower! If we had found this place when we had first moved it would have been great but now that we have been here a while we really want to move up not across in the habitat status. After the viewing we had a brief sojourn into chapel st markets (French markets) and then walked through the antique markets where I picked up yet another piece of jewellery. The necklace I bought was just gorgeous It�s a glass pendants almost like a looking glass and with in the glass there are tthreelittle sparrows in flight.

On Sunday I felt the need to actually do something so headed with RRaquelto Petty Coat Lane Markets for the first time. Its primary contingent were the clothes stalls but there were also many bags and Jewry places. The actual market was just packed with people but surprisingly there weren't really any tourists. I bought not one but two winder coats and came away a happy and toasty warm camper. Raq came away with a coat as well (same as mine but different colour).

In the middle of the market there is a little greasy spoon off to the side which we stopped in for some tea and a bacon sandwich. It was a great little workers caf� that served super cheap food and the staff actually had smiles on their faces.. A rare thing indeed in the service industry in London in my experience. Wore one of my new jacket to work today. Totally Toasty. Now I just need to get Phil to purchase some warm clothes as befits the coming cold!

Sunday afternoon I headed to a matinee of Momix. I had paid �15 to go and was assigned seats at the very back.. Just before the doors closed I nipped down to the front section and there I remained for the show quite pleased with my new view point.

The show is described by the website as follows

Astonishing inventiveness, playful humour and physical beauty are the hallmarks of renowned US dance company Momix. For 25 years they have conjured up otherworldly imagery through original use of props, light, music and the human form.

Opus Cactus celebrates the beauty of the earth's desert, as ten agile dancer-illusionists fashion a breathtaking and exotic world created by choreographer Moses Pendleton.

In a series of fast-paced images, dancers perform amazing acrobatics, balancing on long poles and flying through the air on curving frames.

This desert wonderland is ingeniously brought to life against a remixed soundtrack that combines native American sounds, the Swingle Singers, Bach and Brian Eno.

A spectacular mix of dance, acrobatics, illusion and imagination, this family show will enthrall all ages.


The dancers/Gymnast/circus performers wore costumes designed to obscure their identity and create very interesting visions when struck with the ultraviolet light. There were various illusions and the use of the light to create images and beguile the audience was good. There was a point however towards the end where they used stripy tights (orange and green varieties) to create puppets in spider like forms.. The orange spider tights puppet has a little baby (little pair of tights) and then both the baby and the mum spider tights puppet get eaten by the green spider tights puppet.. I had to stifle a laugh..

That night I met up with Phil, who was coming home form work ON A SUNDAY, in angel for dinner and we went to this great little Italian place. It really ended the weekend on a high note.


Comment from Callina
Time: November 13, 2006, 5:38 pm

Oh and I have started french classes!

I am terrible and everyone else seems to have at least studied fench in highschool before so i am total noob.

I have so much home work.. argh homework.. the horror begins..

Going to give french 13 weeks and if it is still terrible i am jumping the fence to spanish classes as i found spanish easier to pick up when i was in Peru than french when i was in Paris but there was three weeks difference in duration of the journeys so purhaps it was that…

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