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July 2020

F for Fireworks

Guy Fawkes ( Weekend has just past and what a weekend it was. I have mentioned before my penchant for fireworks and this was the weekend made specifically for me in that respect. The local youth (i assume) have been letting fire works off around the neighborhood for weeks but up until this weekend it has only been sporadic fire. It became almost constant during sat and Sunday evenings.

My friend Celine was in town for the weekend and Raquel had the fantastic idea of booking a London eye 'flight' at 8pm on the Saturday. Batersea park just down the river had official displays starting at 8:15 which were timed perfectly for us to see form the top of the eye. They were not alone through there were fire works going off all over the city and some amazing ones were framed by parliament house which i thought appropriate. 🙂

But Sunday night would just blow Saturdays displays out of the water.. I headed up to primrose hill, a high point in London which gives panoramic views over the city, with Curtis, Raquel and her family. Curtis wreaked all sorts of havoc with the massive rockets they had bought. The first one of which went off at ground level due to the fact they had no idea how to set them up.. it will stick in my mind forever the anticipation when they lit it… then nothing.. then the realisation that it should be in the air and that it may still go off… then the green purple explosion silhouetting those who had turned to flee… amazingly no one was hurt. Not even singed! Raquel and I enjoyed the rest of the evening whilst keeping an eye all around us for fireworks that were being set up a little too close, at which point we would ever so casually scamper to a perceived point of safety. I found it really amazing the size of fire works that we had bought .. they looked massive and quite dangerous.. but the atmosphere chaotic excitement was thrilling.. and the display amazing despite the lack of organisation.

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