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March 2020
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Leeds Castle

21st of September was another big day in the Cally and Phil tourism calendar. Raquel and I had been hanging to head out to Leeds Castle for some time and finally a free weekend presented itself (due to a late cancellation of a trip to the Isle of Wight). Now the big draw card really was the MASSIVE MAZE that is in the grounds of the castle. Upon arrival this was our first stop.

All three of us got legitimately lost but suffice to say that Raquel was the first up, then I – possibly because Phil was trying to hide behind corners to surprise us only to loose us.

The gardens were really impressive and the amazing collection of birds (the former owner’s obsession) was really a treat. We hand fed ducks. Talked to Parrots and tool loads and loads of photos. These I will put up soon too.

Another highlight of the day was the falcon show. Now this was no ordinary falcon show. It did start well with Owls and other birds of prey swooping about and then they brought out a falcon that just flew off. It was gone for 5 mins before we saw it on the horizon swooping at pigeons and the like. The great presenter tried to fill the time with bird related banter and when we were about to give up it returned. So it was the Falcon show that almost wasn’t.

The castle itself from within is a sumptuous manor house with large windows facing the lake and French Interior decorating. The castle has had a long line of female owners, which is why I like to hypothesise that the interior is just so liveable and beautiful.

I highly recommend visiting this place. It would be amazing in spring when all the flowers are out.


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