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July 2020

Injury to illness

The past week has been jam packed with activities for me.

Monday Night saw a reunion of the Quiz gang at the Gen, where I managed to dance so much that I injured my knee to the point where I could only hobble home. I went the physio the next day to be told there was nothing wrong (just a strain) and that i had what is called 'hyper mobility' (link: Because my knees are loose enough to let my legs move side ways (to a very small degree) as well as the normal backwards from the knees.

Strapped up I headed out on Thursday night alone to an art gallery event being held by me work. It was being held at the Riffle makers art gallery, which is the oldest house in Soho (dates from the 1700's) and has been used as a lavender distributor during the plague (to hold to your nose to try and keep out the stench) a brick makers and for the last 100 years a gun and riffle makers work shop. Once there I discovered that it was actually supporting the featured artist and the the group OUT@Time Warner when reading the opening sentence of their promotion leaflet 'Supporting Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender…'

I was not in Kansas any more.. but i looked around the art had a free glass of wine, chatted to some randoms and listened to the talk on the artist by the curators and went on my merry way..

Friday rolled around and I was off to bath to visit my relos for the weekend. After another exciting encounter with national express i ultimately made to bed in Bristol.

The weather on Saturday was perfect for the planned Jane Austin walking tour of bath – lead by my uncle Robin. There were about 15 of us including my uncles granddaughter Sarah whom is currently attending bath university. It was a really pleasant walk and I saw loads more of bath than I had previously. The memorial gardens we stopped for lunch in were so quaint and the perfect location to stop and chat. After the walk we got elder flower pesse (my first) which I can highly recommend. The only hiccup was setting off the store alarms in Jolly's (a department store which first opened c 1831) because my newly acquired Burberry Jacket (bought at invitation only sample sale last week – thanks Marie!) still had its security tag in it!! Shopping was therefore out for the entire day :p.

That evening we all got together for the three course feast my aunt Jean had whipped up from her 'cooking with cream' cook book. This really was the antithesis of all cook books currently out on the market but all the dishes were very tasty and I inevitably ate too much. The almond slice was again a personal favourite and my downfall as I think over the weekend I consumed the whole thing alone (going to attempt to make it at home myself – well as soon as i get a baking tray.. and of course work out how to turn the oven on.. :p)

Sunday continued on the gastronomic competition I seemed to have happened upon with a full lamb roast for lunch with fruits of the forest vienetta for dessert!! I cant remember the last time I even had a roast so inspired I am also endeavouring to make one at home – again once roasting pan and knowledge of over in acquired.

Sunday Afternoon did not stop there.(though I did have a lye down after lunch) for we were off to Berkeley castle(link: with Robin, Jean, Alan, Irene and 'Little' Alan.

I really enjoyed it .. it was a living castle the Berkeley family still lived within it and seemed to be doing a roaring trade showing people about the place. We saw the heir Charles Berkley showing a group around whilst on our tour. There were some really amazing pieces of art and furniture. Spoils of war from Holland and France and amazingly queen Elizabeth I quilt cover (perhaps more impressive in person than the words themselves express).

It was great to see everyone again.. its just a pity that i seemed to pick up a cold on the bus on the way home.. so have been sitting at work sniffling and some what foggy.

Today I went and had a look at the GIANT SLIDES at the Tate modern. Very impressive. Will go back soon wearing pants to try them. They are all different heights but seem to have relatively little padding at the bottom for people to land on, which is a bit worrying.

Photos coming soon.

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