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September 2021

Fringe Benefits

Saturday morning i was up bright and early to go on a tour of Parliament house. It was the last day the place was open for tours as it now starts ramping up for the sitting of Parliament in November. It was a really enjoyable tour. The place is like a palace – every inch was embellished with decorations evidences by the amount of gold leaf. Unfortunately no photos were allowed inside so i only have my memories. The actually house of lords and house of commons were quite small rooms. the House of Commons only sits about 416 people and there are apparently over 600 members! Apparently to get a seat (on popular days – like budget time) they have to get up early and go to the opening prayer as it gives them the right to put their prayer card, and more importantly their name in a slot behind a seat.. guaranteeing them the use of that seat for the entire day. The speakers chair was made out of Australian wood which was an interesting remnant of the almost defunct empire. All the archaic ceremony was actually quite impressive. Another factoid is that since Charles I had charged in to arrest/kill 5 members of the house of commons no one of the royal family has ever set foot in the house of commons! There is a whole ceremony around the house of commons being summoned to the house of lords to hear the queens speech at the opening of Parliament. And the queen doesn't open Parliament until the 2nd week of November because Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament in the first week of November!!! Every thing seems to have a reason out of antiquity.

After that i met up with Phil to have lunch at spitifields markets and to do some clothes shopping.. well lunch was a success but we both cam away empty handed clothes wise. We are taking Daphne (girl from Australia whom has just arrived) to spitifields markets today for lunch in a couple of hours.

Probably my biggest news is that I also got a hair cut yesterday!

Now the fringe is still growing on me.. and it looks a lot like that photo of me from pre-school which Phil posted up.

Out with the oldIn with the new

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