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July 2020

Birthday Girl!

Going to Cuba Libre ( tonight to celebrate my birthday with friends. Sitting at work very excited!

So this will be my 25th Birthday.. only 5 short years from 30, which you know is just to big a number to conceptualise with safety :p

Looking back i am happy with what I have done and where i have ended up.. Im glad that I have managed to travel so much in the last 5 years.. it was a torment to me growing up that I hadn't been anywhere.. (other than townsville during summer cyclone season :p). I can remember collecting travel brochures and lonely planet guides and making so many plans.. 3 months in china (still to do) and a trip to Vietnam.. not sure where my fetish for communist countries came from but there you go. :p

Hopefully the coming year will bring much more travel to new and exciting locations.

I have also really enjoyed meeting so many members of the English side of my family this year. It has been a really amazing feeling being part of the gossip network ;).

Phil and I went to dinner with the Short arm of the family (literally last name short) and had a great night.

The new job I started this week has been great (not that i have actually done any real work) but it has such a laid back atmosphere.. is a stones throw from the Thames, has a 35 hour week and i get free magazines!

This weekend is a mystery weekend away with Phil. Will let you know where we ended up on Monday!

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