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March 2023

Camden and Cruises

Well another week has passed and with work being SO slow I have started thinking about possibly handing in my notice and looking for another contract else where. I mean I have been so bored and just cant understand why they don't give me more work to do. Will hold on for another month and and see but the idea that i can leave crystallised in my mind on Friday as i sat there reading workshop notes for the second time just for something to do. You know you're bored when you've read all the news in the UK, Australia and US and then go trawling for more..

But then it hit 5 pm and I wasn't hanging around to do nothing so headed off to meet up with my old work crew whom would be out near Liverpool street for farewell drinks for another Australian. I got there an hour early so got my eye make up done at the Clinique counter at boots and picked up the free gift *glee*. The George was the first bar we hit and is on Liverpool street station. Its a nice place with wood panelling and excellent bathroom facilities that are actually part of the adjoining hotel. I was very impressed but hungry so we moved on to The Light ( Shorditch. A restaurant, bar and club that occupies the space of the old 'electric light station'. Its a great place with outside courtyard, bar and separate restaurants down stairs and club and roof terrace upstairs. It was a blast. We had 2 courses for 10 pounds and then got into the upstairs club for free with the restaurant receipt! The club was really well paid out and full but not packed so there were always plenty of couches. I walked home at about 1am – Now I will just state again how much i love living in the area.. I can always seem to walk home, from work, from a night out on the town.. its just fantastic being so centrally located!

We are currently looking for a new place (lounge room is a must!) and def must stay in the same area. Mendel has just moved out with some french guys to Earls court over in the west. I'm just hoping that the Angel crew doesn't all disband because it has been great to be able to hang out locally. I mean we have a Raq, Curtis, Gab, Scott and we had Mendel now we are down one and Scott is heading OS to travel for a while and Raq and Curtis are contemplating moving to get to a cheaper place.. Fingers crossed its still in the area!

Speaking of Raq, I headed to Camden markets with her yesterday and it was an experience. It is such a picturesque setting along a canal with working lock and lovely stone bridges making for great photos (sadly i didn't have my camera on me). The markets themselves are a massive organic sprawl of people and stuff.. there was just so much on sale and so many twists and turns it was exhausting. Now Camden is just as famous for the people that turn up as for the markets. I think i saw more people in 10 inch platform shoes than i have ever seen. There were punks, complete with massive spiky hair, parading on the bridge and at one point there was a group each dressed as a different zoo animal, elephant, zebra etc.It was great to just sit and people watch. My one tip is get there before lunch as at about 3pm it was absolutely packed on the street. Its funny i used to think pit street mall was packed out at Christmas..but now i see even at its most packed Sydney is a wealth of personal space compared to the sardine can which London seems to become in such places as Camden and oxford street on Saturdays (total nightmare!).

Sat night Phil and I headed out to a Charity cruise for the life boats ( It was a 5 hour cruise along the Thames and we saw the Greenwich mean time laser, the millennium dome, canary wharf, and ever thing up to Westminster and the houses of Parliament. The sky was cloudy so appeared almost pink with all the reflected light from the city. They had also organised a roulette wheel and each of us had 50 pounds worth of chips to play that was fun. PHil seem to loose really fast so i fed him chips each time i won hehe.. but in the end it was the house who one with the number that turns the odds to the houses favour.. yes it was the green zero that was my downfall.

The crowd on the cruise seem to be quite posh and we ended up talked to a girl who WENT TO UNI WITH PRINCE WILLIAM..(St Andrews in Edinburgh)

Prince Willy

i mean she knew him on a first name bases and went over to his house for fireworks and parties etc !!!! Phil and I are chuffed to be only one degree of separation from the royal family.. and this girl is moving in to a flat with the guy i work with so hopefully William turns up to their house warming!!! 😀 Definitely a posh crowd. 🙂

Today I had planned to head to Buckingham palace to see the changing of the guard and the exhibition of the queens formal wear but now am not so sure.. this weekend has been packed.. and today may be R and R instead..

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