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March 2023

The weekend of Phil.

I just had a really awesome weekend. Anyone want to guess what I did? If your guess involves shooting squirrels out of a cannon, you're wrong, but I like your thinking you crazy devil.

My weekend was spent doing nothing. Zip. Nada. Ziltch. And it kicked ass.

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself an Xbox 360, and due to the trips we've been going on lately, I haven't really had a chance to play with my new toy. A fortnight ago I decided that this weekend would be spent inside, playing games till my eyes bled. Now while I didn't quite get as far as making my eyes bleed, I feel well and truly satiated (until next weekend anyway). If anyone else out there in internetland has a 360 and wants to play games with me, add me to your list! My gamertag is biatchmonkey.

My gamercard

Finally, to keep in tune with Cal's thoughts on the world as it is as best I can, does anyone else find Business Men/Women running for public transport irrationally hilarious? I think it has something to do with business attire just not being made for running, but it has to be something more than that. Does anyone have any ideas?

See how they run


Comment from Callina
Time: September 11, 2006, 5:22 pm

This weekend, as phil was actively xboxing, I trawled around the local area and what a local area it is!

Sat I meet up with gabby for to start our gym trial (see previous post, imaginatively named ‘Gym Trial’) and then wandered over to the local food market – about a km of stalls selling everything from phones and fake luxury goods to goats cheese and olives stuffed with almonds. And it is the latter that gabby and I loaded up on, after sampling just about one of everything at the stall. I ended up heading home to Phil (whom has just gotten up at 2pm) with a box of various Greek goodies (olives stuffed with garlic, olives stuffed with almonds, pickled chillies stuffed with feta, cabbage roles etc), a role of goats cheese, fresh tomatoes, a bunch of basil, and some fresh bread form the local bakery made for a fabulous lunch feast.

Sunday was a lazy day. Went to the gym again after an abortive attempt to get people to go to yum cha (or Dim Sun as the English call it) and then headed over to the Brick Lane Festival. It was Fantastic! Brick lane was packed with people and it over flowed onto the surrounding streets. I picked up limes and lichees at a bargain price and queued with the masses for a ‘beigel’ (cream cheese and salmon) yum!

The streets were packed with people and stalls. There was live music ranging from a human beat box of exceptional standard to rock and everything in between. I bought a vintage necklace at one of the stalls and just absorbed all the sights and smells.

Photos coming soon

Comment from Phil
Time: September 11, 2006, 10:30 pm

Fair is fair I reckon. 🙂

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