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March 2023

Gym Trial

I have started a 7 day gym trial with gabby at the local fitness first 'Platinum'. In Australia Platinum fitness firsts have superior just about everything (classes, equipment, change rooms etc).. and usually a pool.

Here in merry ol England it is just and indicator of the popular ones that they want to limit entry too according to our sales man (whom i must say was really not born into the role – a short, overweight, dim, unenthusiastic and uncharismatic man selling gym memberships!!!). The gym itself was much like the gym selling it. Small, Dense and without charm. But then gyms always seem to be underwhelming factories for repetitive calorie utilisation so perhaps that was tempered with my own poor perception of gyms in general.

However from what ive been told when winter actually hits the gym will be much more appealing than exercising oneself outside and in the dark.. (my workmates keep scaring me with tales of getting to work in the dark and leaving work in the dark! argh!!)

So the plan is to loose 5 kg by November 24th. This being 3 months since i last weighted myself. So Im going to join the gym with gab and take some personal training sessions with her to get it sorted what I have to do to loose the weight in the right places.

Im still working on my eating habits. I have cut out almost all sweets.. but still have lapses (see post about Bristol food festival for example). And have been avoiding fried food but there is NOTHING so good as well done Hot Chips.. *drool*

Also going to start cooking at home more. Hoping that when we move into a new place (with nicer kitchen) it will be easier.

After all that Im still going to be heading to the Brick lane Festival today.. hehe.. so much for good intentions. 🙂

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