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bloody awesome

***** -Rolling Stone

Cal and Phil… are magical… the blog is amazing -Blog Review

Hi, my name is Phil McPants and I'll be your host for this evening. We've got a whole lot of fun stuff in store for you tonight. Are you excited?

I saaaaiiiid are you excited?

That's better! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Oh, and laugh. It'd help if you could laugh too.

Cal and I had always wanted to go and see the Edinburg Fringe Festival, and thanks to being in such close proximity and having a long weekend we decided it was a perfect opportunity to pop up for a visit.

So very early on saturday morning (it was closer to friday night) we hop on a plane and fly up to Edinburgh. As far as first impressions go, I really liked the place. The landscape was everything I had naively believed it to be from watching Braveheart far too many times, but what I wasn't ready for were the people. In a realisation which flies in the face of everything we've experienced everywhere before there were actually Legit Scottish people all over the place, and they actually spoke with a fair dinkum Scottish accent.

But onto the festival itself. The best word I can think to describe it is "nuts". We caught the last weekend of it and things were coming to a climax. There were entertainers on every corner, people everywhere and excessive drinking (God bless the Scots). What more could one want?

Of course, we went to many shows. We had a few prebooked, but thanks to witnessing cool street shows or being badgered by people handing out flyers on the street, we went to many on impulse.

As you'd expect, there were some good, and some bad shows, but on the whole it was a largely entertaining experience. Highlights and lowlights for me included:

* Wil Anderson – We dutifully attended this show since he was the most famous Australian act. He was bit more hyperactive than he is on tv, and this made for a really awesome experience.

* Jump – A comedy show by a Korean martial arts crew. The humour was simple, but I have to say that if you're doing triple back flips and smashing boards 3 meters in the air with your feet I'm not going to criticise your comedy stylings.

* Sarah Kendal – An Aussie chick who's show we stumbled across randomly. Cal had seen her on TV before, but I was unprepared. She was genuinely REALLY funny. Sorta like a female Jerry Sienfeld.

* Michael Piper – And now with the bad. I have to give this guy props though – he got Cal and I good. His show was called "Best Newcomer: Michael Piper". Now you'd think that this show would be good because, hey – he's the best newcomer! But in a display of pure genious the show itself was just called "Best newcomer" there was no relation to any award. I can give him an award however for the worst show we saw there. The best part about it was that it ended.


Comment from Callina
Time: August 31, 2006, 11:15 pm

The shows we saw:

Small Bites: 5 short plays written by Australians! Best script was by Andrew O'Keefe a talk show host in Australia (Australian count = 1).

Danny Bohy: Scottish Comedian who i thought was good but lacked the enthusiasm of some of the others we saw. Plus we missed a fair few of teh Scottish jokes.

Will Anderson: As Phil mentioned he was spectacular! I have seen him live a few times and also in various shows on TV but this was the best i have seen him ever. Polished, practices and hilarious! (Australian count = 2)

Micheal Pipper: English dude not worth mentioning. It was excruciating. there were about 12 in the audience and 6 of them were his mates.

Jump: Martial Arts Spectacular that really had us laughing and crying out in amazement! Excellent.

Sarah Kendel: Classy Australian comedian who isn't a men bashing he-man hate-er unlike many female comedians who easily fall into the mould. Highly recommend you check her out if you have the chance. (Australian count = 3)

Matt Kirshen: Now this show was an accident.. we were meant to see some other dude but got the rooms wrong. He was good so all was not lost :).

[b]Best of the Fest @ The Assembly Rooms: [/b]

David O'Doherty: Great Irish Comedian. Quick and sly.

The Kransky Sisters are an act from Brisbane (Australian count =4!) who were a stand out act in my opinion. Simply hilarious musically assisted roller coaster.

Jason Byrne: Fab Irish Comedian. Will look out for him. Wild and free and very irish!

Adam Hills: (Australian count = 5) Great – im finding it hard to keep come up with new descriptions of these great performers!

[b]The Best of the Festival – A Showcase @ The Pleasence Courtyard[/b]
Sean Collins: A tough talking Canadian worth watching

Kirin Grant: Of TV fame (Australian count = 6) was a bit lack luster.. i think she really needs others to bounce off to get to her full potential.

Steve Huges: UK Comedian

Dan Akins: Uk Comedian with Wild Man hair.

Both the last two were funny but not particularly memorable.

Total Australian Count (excluding the 5 street performers we also saw) comes to the grand total of a whopping 6!!!

I think that's a fair showing considering the size of our population.. but then I guess we have the whole English speaking background and theres also the cultural similarities.. but hey credit where its due the Australians put in a damn good show!

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