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September 2021


So im are work and there is no-one online in messenger chat.. (well except phil and scott but they are always online)

what job would you do if you could do anything (and had to work :p)? I have starting thinking about how little i give back to the community/humanity.. and would like to volunteer but really cant commit the time.. i mean I'm always organising trips/dinners.. i think it will be tough ensuring that my next 30 Tuesdays are free for french class (which i have just sighed up for). I could give money but that just leaves you feeling empty.. i want to get the feel good benefits of actually doing something.. but suppose i could donate money as well. I used to have a direct debit set up for amnesty international.. i choose it because its is non religious and seems to give voice to those who have none.. but then I want to do more than give cash i want that goodie too shoes feeling that 'I have done something'.

Im all for those kidy sponsorships but i hate the idea that the religious groups go in there and destroy (however softly) the local culture/religious beliefs with something i don't believe in myself.. I like the idea of reading to blind people but again its the time commitment.. i wonder if you can just walk into homes and hospitals and offer to read to people for a few hours.. like a drop in service 😉 but then you would have to read very short books.. it would be terrible to leave someone hanging or even worse stop at a really depressing horrible part with out resolution..

I knew a girl whom walked dogs for a shelter on weekends. I thought it bizarre at the time and was sure that she was doing it for her CV (targeting the 'all rounder' label). But perhaps this is just what normal people do. I don't know anyone else who volunteers or at least none have told me. I feel I am part of the selfish/me generation whom take what they can get and live the high life with out thought for those with out.


Comment from H
Time: September 1, 2006, 5:09 am

I'm the Secretary of my cricket club, we play in a sydney wide competition and the work load, not to mention the 'type' of work that you have to do (negotiating with committees/council/the association) is more demanding than normal work. I kinda 'fell' into the role, because no one wanted it (for obvious reasons) but after a while, it grows on you — the feeling that you've played this game (and at various clubs) for pretty much two decades, and now you're putting back into the game to allow others to enjoy that same benefit.

It's not for everyone, because I kid you not when I say some of the meetings/negotiations which are ball breaking, and there aren't many thanks (more of a take-it-for-granted that it'll get done attitude) but it is rewarding on a fundamental level.

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