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July 2020

A weekend to top

Last weekend was action packed.

It started Friday evening meeting everyone for drinks before heading to dinner at a great Belgium beer house in convent garden. Before I knew it we were in a Korean Karaoke joint singing at our terrible loudest to English sounds with wacky Korean video clips.

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<photo to go here>

The next day Phil and I met up with Scott, Mendel and Marie for our first Chinese yum cha experience in England. Note i specify 'Chinese' as we had previously gone to a western yum cha which i highly recommend (

After stuffing our selves on the various dumplings on offer we walked to wards oxford street stopping at a coffee house for hot chocolate the consistency of thick cream and taste of chocolate pudding.. think my heart may have lost a few years with it. Amazing stuff.

Some how I ended up wandering round the National Gallery (my first visit but not my last!) until closing before heading home to get ready for the night ahead.

That evening we went to Gab's house warming in Angel. It was a very funky bohemian affair with 1, yes count him 1, English person in attendance.. the rest was Australian and french with a few Italians and a Russian thrown in for good measure. It was a fantastic night which I then spend the next day recovering from!

But just when you think that must be all Phil had organised a little surprise for our 2 year anniversary! We headed out to the London eye for a spectacular 'flight' then ate dinner by the Thames.

<photo to go here>

One hell of a magic weekend.

This weekend we, non the less, shall try and top it as we head to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival.

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