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Another weekend in London

Another lazy weekend in London. Started off wandering round the antique markets in the back lanes of angel (purchased 'antique' chain necklace with pearls) before heading to lunch at Rodizio Rico's and all you can eat Brazilian Feast.. (

Its 12 pounds for all you can eat salad bar and BBQ meat. Both the salad bar and meat are of an amazingly high standard, eg steamed asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon was just one of the items featured in the salad bar.. a fav item was the roast peppers coccus. We were there fro 3 hours and suffice to say we all ate way too much and left swearing never to eat again.. and for the next 8 hours it felt like i has just finished a super large meal.

In an attempt to walk off the bloated/stuffed feeling we decided to walk to Tate Modern, mainly because it is open till 10pm on Saturday. Now the 45 min walk wasn't the best for my way to full belly at the time but looking back i am glad i did even the smallest amount of exercise that day. The Tate Modern ( is a massive free space. We only did one floor (the 5th) which had three collections: Idea and Object, State of Flux and The view from here:acquisitions since 2000. Now I really liked the state of flux collection. It had some fantastic works of Futurism, cubism and POP to name a few that i had studied from books all through high school. I also really enjoyed the cinema scape – Christian Marclay’s work. Video Quartet (2002). He has stitched hundreds of moments from cinema together to form a musical score which takes you along for a ride.

The Idea and Object collection tipped the too-modern-O-meter and I couldn't help but laugh at some of the works and their accompanying explanation which sometimes was a piece of creative genius in itself.. for example there was one work which showed a man in a clown suit jumping up in down (3 year old having a tantrum style) saying 'No!' over and over again.. above him was the same image but upside down and out of sinc also jumping up and down (all be up side down so perhaps jumping down and up ;)) having a tanty. It was hilarious.

Off to the Columbia Rd flower markets this morning then to my my cousin Rob's fro tea. Oh and feeling much less full today.. though think i may be digesting for a few days to come.


Comment from Callina
Time: August 6, 2006, 10:52 am

I forgot to say I start my new job tomorrow. Very Exciting!

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