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The News

So the news is that i have handed in my resignation on Friday making next Friday (the 4th) my last day working in Essex!

Reasons for resignation:

– No Interaction with the business users
– No training on the business domain processes etc

which meant that i was effectively making up requirements as i went along with a good dollop of assumptions to add flavour.. :p Suffice to say it wasn't very satisfying..

I mean it was a great work place and as always the people were fantastic. I just wasn't satisfied with the work (as above) nor the commute out to Essex each day.

They were sad to see me go – the doc I produced were good despite the creative nature of them. And I will miss the people i have met there (will make concerted effort to keep in contact!).

In other news I have been offered and accepted a contract role in a magazine company based by Waterloo station in London. I start on the 7th of August.

The Project is a replacement of a legacy system, which with FORTRAN greatness controls the distribution of magazines across the country. It is very client facing. It will extend my skills as a BA in that I will be given an opportunity to do some Data Modelling.. and is in LONDON! hehe.. Its a 1 year contract so planning on doing my Insurance Certification whilst there and look towards getting back in to finance upon completion of the year.. but who knows maybe i will enjoy the magazine business and never leave :p On the up side I am also doubling my pay. 🙂

It was funny when i had the interview the reception was full of models waiting round for a shoot! Think i am going to have to update my wardrobe!

In other news Gab, Raq and I plan on heading out to Hampton Court Palace this afternoon to check out the house and hedge maze.. and catch the lazy boat back along the Thames. 🙂 Though waiting to hear from Raq.. may have had a big night last night.. hehe..

Went to Bristol the weekend Phil was away in France and had a blast. Went to Thornbury the Saturday and picked up some fantastic books at an op shop for 50p! Saw where my cousin used to live before emigrating to NZ and had a beautiful lunch in a little tea shop
with a garden. It was amazing if you walk to far (more than 5 mins) you end up in fields with cows!
Sat night met up with Gabby and Berls who had coincidentally come down for the sat night and we had some pimms on the waterfront as the sun set then picked up some food to have by the docks. Now for those of you who dont know Bristol it is the Hens/Bucks night /weekend location of choice for it seemed the entire country. We saw hundreds of costumed revellers wandering the streets in various states of sobriety along with 2 converted fire trucks with discos in the back! Cheesey goodness plus! When we had had our fill of picking the hen out from amongst the flocks we headed to the bus stop to get back to Irene's. Now Bristol really put on a show.. we were sitting there and some big girls (age 19ish?) started having a go as some young but big boys (12 and 14 yrs old by my reckoning) who were being annoying.. kicking bottles around etc.. when the 14th yr old accused one of the girls of saying something to 'my brother' and proceeded to head but her.. now i couldn't tell if he was just really close or actually made contact but the girl flipped and it turned out he had connected with her forehead and she called someone and told them to get down there with knives to 'slash them up'… at this point Gab Berls and myself were doing a good impersonation of the invisible man and hoping that the bus would come already.. after that the boys ran off and the girls got on a bus.. leaving us there waiting for the 'slash em up boys' but our bus finally came and we were soon in back recounting the excitement to Irene and Al. What a night..

Sunday we headed to Bradford on Avon a picturesque village with Saxon church and tithe barn. It was a much more relaxed day with a picnic by the Avon and a beer outside with a Jazz band playing..A wonder full weekend all round! Next time i want to try and go to the museum in the SS Great Briton. Apparently its won an award for the 'best museum in the UK!


Comment from K
Time: July 31, 2006, 12:44 pm

Congrats Cally 🙂
All the best with the new job!

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