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February 2020
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Mister Sinatra was right�

I love Paris in the spring time
I love Paris in the fall*
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles*

I love Paris every moment
Every moment of the year

*Yet to be proven but a safe bet none the less�

Well I�m back in London after a jaunt across to continental Europe, 2.5 days in Luxembourg and a sunning 5 in Paris!

Luxembourg is a really beautiful town.. an ancient fortified city which straddles a canyon. I arrived on Saturday morning. The day after their national day so like in Canberra all the locals had left for the weekend :p

Paris was spectacular. The concentration of history, art, and romance was superb. I went to the Louve and like so many tourists in the past did wilt long before finishing a single floor. The Massive scale is really impressive and somewhat unfortunate as there is just so much that you soon loose appreciation for the masterpieces yours walking past.. but I know that I will head there again � to attempt another floor.. :p

One thing that was amazing was the old castle walls which they have excavated in the basement. So much history�

Also visited the Picasso Museum, Rodin Museum (I’m a big fan of Rodin sculpture.. the was he makes metal and stone look weightless always gets my imagination going),


the centre de Pompidou (impressive collection of important modern art contained within a architectural wonder.. all the inner workings are exposed in a way that in part educates you about how a building works and also gives more room in the interior as all the workings are on the outside.. really interesting concepts.

Also went to Notre Dame but didn’t walk up the spire this time (another thing for next time) likewise went to the eiffle tower but didn’t go up (promised to head up with phil when I head back for the weekend to meet him for the tour de France final).

We (Gab, Celine, Cindy, James and myself) did head up the Arc de Triomphe one evening. The views were spectacular.


Now the intresting part of the evening really started after having been kicked off the top at around 11pm it seemed that France had won wither game against Spain in the world cup.. and the traditional location to celebrate was offcourse the Arc de Triomphe. The crowds seem to appear out of no where and then the bus loads of police arrives.. but everyone was so happy.. we even saw a few police giving each other a quick jubilant hug!

See video of celebrations: (1.6mb)

My favorite place I would have to say was Montmartre. Its up a hill and from the top has a spectacular view across the city it also seems to have a high concentration of funky stores and awesome bars and restaurants.

Celine and I headed to the Moulin Rouge one night and I at least was very surprised by what we saw.. one expects women doing the can can.. and though they did at one point do the can can there was a lot of 80�s costume and choreography.. and then there were the men. It was really surprising how camp they were for a show which is meant to target men.. I couldn’t help but laugh at several points during the show at the ridiculousness of it all.. really funny stuff. Hehe..

On the topic of disturbing I must mention Parisian men. And by Parisian men I do not mean it was the portion of well dresses good looking ones but rather their older, uglier, lower socio-economic group ones. When ever I was walking alone they would stop come up to you and ask you out for a drink. It happened in trains, from cars and bikes.. I was later told that basically if you make eye contact it is an invitation for them to talk to you. Your coming on to them simply by not looking at your shoes!

It was a really weird experience.. but as I was with Gabby, Celine, Cindy and James most of the time it was mostly on my last day alone.

But to end on a highlight I have to mention the happy coincidence of my trip (really Gabby’s trip that I hooked on too) with the yearly massive sales (known as “Soldes” in French)! I was in heaven.. (and spending pounds meant everything was even better value!). ended up with 3 pairs of shoes, 2 bags and numerous tops..

Finally arrived back in London to a stunting sunset�

Sunset in London

Next weekend heading back to Bristol for the weekend and then back to Paris the following weekend. *Glee*

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