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March 2023

On addiction

I must appologise for the lack of updates lately – this has been due to the fact that had really bad hayfever for the last couple of weeks, and my day involves working, coming home, eating and then going to sleep because my eyes sting so much I can't keep them open. Thankfully for you I'm slightly coherent now, so we can get back to the regularly scheduled programming of me whining about things.

Addiction is a funny thing isn't it? I've got a fair bit of time to myself in the mornings and evenings. I've got a nice easy 45min train trip to and from Cambridge, so I've been messing around with my gameboy. I started playing Pokemon which was actually quite fun, but then out of boredom found solitaire on my memory card.

This solitaire game has consumed my life. Let me illustrate something for you. This is the game I am working on during the day:

Heavenly Sword

And this is what occupies my mind every waking second:


It's absolutely bizarre. The thing which keeps me crawling back to Solitaire's cruel embrace is the fact that the version I'm playing is insanely difficult. I'd say I'd win maybe 5% of the time, but like a sucker it keeps luring me in with its siren like song. "Just one more go" I say again and again as I get to the final stages of the game only to get stuck.

I'm starting to get a little worried about it really. I've been planning to take the laptop with me on the train and work on some of my personal projects, but I'm really not sure how I'm going to shake the devil on my shoulder that is whispering to me to have just one more go…

In other news, we had a bit of a visitor on the weekend. Being the lucky bastard that he is, Chito decided to do what was essentially an intercontinental pop in. For those that don't know, Chito's dad works for Qantas, and as such gets flights for 10% of the full fair. With this in mind he thought it'd be cool to fly to spain for a week and visit his girlfriend over there. This also meant that he'd stop in in London on his way there and back and catch up with the crew over here.

Having Chito round was awesome – we were both pretty suprised just how quickly we slipped back into the Sydney routine of hanging out – it made an awesome change from spending all week relatively alone. As luck would have it for him, he arrived on a beautiful summers day, and also the day of England's world cup opening match against Paraguay. All of this combined to give Chito a very English experience – he underestimated the power of the Pint. We leave the pub and decide to go to a nearby park since it's a nice day. We fail to notice that there is a lot of long grass in the park, and sit down with some food. (Note: In an attempt to make this sound less gay- it wasn't just us). Eventually we succumb to the jetlag/alcohol/tiredness and fall asleep in the grass.

We sleep, and wake up to hayfever hell.

The picture I posted previously is the results of that day in the park. Chito didn't fair much better unfortunately.

So the next day Chito went off to Spain, and Cal came back from her trip which was a nice trade. Notable events included the Australia v Japan game which you all know about, and the State of Origin, which I had spoilt for me by Khanh. Thanks K! 😛

And that's about it. I've finally got all my accomodation and itinerary sorted for my tour de france trip in July, and am VERY excited about the whole thing. I'll post more about this as I get closer to the date.

Until next time!


Comment from K
Time: June 17, 2006, 12:28 pm

I'm sorry! How was I to know that you were going to dload the game 🙁

Comment from K
Time: June 17, 2006, 12:28 pm

I'm sorry! How was I to know that you were going to dload the game 🙁

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