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March 2023

Tick tock.

My name is Phil Sullivan. I start a new job and and my birthday is on the same day. This will be the longest day of my life.

I knew that I was going to start early the next day, but in an effort to prove to myself that turning 25 wasn't old we were out drinking anyway. I was uneasy about the day to come, so my sleep was patchy, but I woke up on the dot of 6 as I had planned. Not knowing exactly what bus and train I'd have to catch I needed to get out of the house early, so after a brief "Happy Birthday and good luck" from a barely awake Cal I was on the road. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to walk to Kings Cross (30mins) rather than bussing it, and miss a fast train by seconds. I sit, and wait for the 7:45 which gets me to Cambridge at 8:30.

The train ride is suprisingly relaxing. There's tonnes of seats, and it goes express to Cambridge. I use the opportunity to prepare myself for the day ahead, and complain to myself about having to go back to work after 3 months of holidaying. The train arrives at 8:30, so wanting to seem punctual but not too eager, I wait around till 8:55 before making the plunge and walking in the front door.

My first day starts. In case I haven't been clear on it already, I'm working for a company called "Ninja Theory" as a Cutscene Animator/Motion Capture Specialist. This means that I am officially a ninja. This makes me very happy. So the usual stuff happens – I sign some papers, give my bank details, and then get introduced to people. Somewhat strangely I was introduced to every single person (70 odd of them) one after another which was daunting, especially since I'm not good with names at the best of times. But once that's done I get my PC which is an absolute beast, and start familiarising myself with the project.

I have to say that working here is going to be potentially awesome. It's so cool to be back in games again – it sorta feels like home. The people are my sort of people, everyone is very laid back, and it feels like a very creative atmosphere I think I'll like it a lot. They've even got a free gym to use that I think I'll be making use of!

Lunch ho! Unfortunately didn't get invited to a lunch posse, so took myself off to Nandos for a birthday lunch. It was actually pretty good, but goddamn I missed Oportos – you people back home don't know how good you've got it.

The day finishes off much in the way it started – getting myself up to speed with the project. I head to the station and hop on the train which is empty again – a perfect opportunity for gameboy and struggle with Solitaire the whole way . I eventually make it home…

To find Cal waiting at the door for me with presents in hand. A parcel from my parents, and some cards from Cal's Aunt's and Uncles arrive. Full lowdown of loot is as follows:

1: Macgyver Season 2
2: Box of Guylian Chocolates (x2)
3: After Eight mints.
4: Bendick's Mint Collection
5: Dairy Milk Mint Crisps (x2)
6: Cadbury Mint Snaps
7: Mint Aeros (1x Large, 1x Small)
8: Green's Organic Mint Chocolate
9: Card from Robin & Jean
10: Card from Alan & Irene
11: Mingles Choc Mints
Unpictured: A lovely photo of my family.

As you can see, there's a heavy dosage of choc mints. Cal knows me far, faaaaar too well.

Cal takes me out to Thai for dinner, and I rejoice in the fact that we've FINALLY found good (almost excellent) Thai food at a resonable price. We share a few drinks and return home for cake to cap off a fantastic day. It had been a pretty awesome day.

I realise that this really wasn't the longest day of my life, or even the most interesting, but I just watched the final episode of 24 for this season and I was really inspired.

Tonight we're off to celebrate my birthday and Gabby's arrival with everyone else, so we'll post more about that in the next day or so. Until then, tick tock folks. 😎


Comment from Hoa
Time: May 31, 2006, 2:05 am

Macgyver rox.

Amazing what the guy can do with a matchstick and a few pieces of chewed off fingernail.

I'm a bit worried about your mint fetish though… 😛

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