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March 2023

Oysters anyone?

Well we have finally secured accommodation so are definitely off to Brighton for a weekend by the sea side. Notice how I didn’t use the word beach, well it was deliberate. For Brighton is apparently a Pebble ‘Beach’ anything without sand is not a beach in my book but don’t get me wrong I’m very excited to be going to visit what is an English institution. A place of gayety for centuries and apparently still the capital of gay.

Luckily for us our trip also coincides with the Brighton Fringe Festival which purports to be the next biggest after that in Edinburgh. We shall see.

This coming week also sees the arrival of Phil’s 25th birthday (25th of May) and the much anticipated arrival of Gabby (27th of May). Both shall be celebrated with a warranted loss of sobriety.

Other happenings..

I am locked in and rearing to go with Gabby over to Belgium, The Netherland, Luxembourg and France for 3 weeks in June.

Phil is furiously booking his Tour De France trip in early July. I have decided to come to Paris for the final weekend so will be meeting up with him there.

We have booked our three day weekend to go to the Edinburgh festival and are still in the throws of booking a three day weekend to Munich for Oktoberfest.

August may see us in Marie’s families country house for a weekend in France and definitely a weekend in Spain is on the cards as is a trip to turkey and morocco. But with so little time left in the year I am starting to think some of these trips may have to wait for the next one.

Also we are both scheduled to return to Australia for a few weeks in February. Partly to use up the second half of out original return ticket and also to visit family and friends. Then it will just be a decision of whether to get another return or a one way back.

Do you ever get the feeling that the world is your oyster?

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