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March 2023

Happy Mothers Day

The best thing about work is that it makes weekends special again and Fridays a magical halfway house for the soul.

My job is at a small start up called Solution Forge which late last year was bought (64%) by a massive Danish company, called Simcorp, to complement their application. Thus started Solutions Forges surge in size. Last year there was a core team of 14 and today there is closer to 25. Every second person is relatively new, Im just the newest. Its strange when you ask someone a question and they too have no idea cost they started the week before.

The company still has the culture of a small 14 person start up and seems to be struggling with the increasing size in some ways. For example we had a BBQ on Thursday but the BBQ wasn't big enough for the number of people. And they had to knock down some walls to fit more people in but lost their meeting room so people have meetings in the kitchen. The place does have a pool table which does get frequent use but not by the girls in my team so I have been reluctant to break out.

I've come on board for the start of Phase 2 of Version 1.3 of FIX.NET a application for use by traders for organising and executing their trades. I know more now than i have ever known about Trading.. there are SO many names for the same thing and so many things that are oh so similar but with critical differences.. so it has kept me on my toes.

The weather this week has been so beautiful that I have been mourning my loss of freedom, to be out in it, but then I'm happy to be earning (read: spending) some pounds.

Speaking of Spending today we went to Ikea. But this is no ordinary Ikea it is the mega, mammoth, three story, display home, with garden section, Ikea Bonanza. It was breathtaking. We went in for sheets and to do a bit of a reconnaissance and 3 hours later came out with one sheet and many promises to those items left behind that we would return for them. It was almost like being part of a cult. One must conform, purchase, and one inevitably will become addicted.


Comment from Callina
Time: May 13, 2006, 5:23 pm

Also i forgot to mention the FAB new 21 inch LCD TV, DVD, Surroundsound speaker system my cousin Rob is lending us. It has unfortunate origins (owened by a good friend of Rob's who was ultimatly deported back to Albania) but shall be put to good use.

If anyone has a british passport and wants to marry an Albanian, with excellent taste in electronics, please let us know.

Comment from Callina
Time: May 14, 2006, 7:51 am

Let me also add that the house isnt that filthy.. phil just didnt know about lime scale which is what the majority of his 'filth' is. The water here is SO heavy we buy bottles of water to drink.

Its amazing they are actually loosing one third of their water here to leaks.. it makes the 10% Sydney looses pale in comparison.

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