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March 2023

This is the life.

Now that we've been in our new place for almost a week now, it's time for some impressions. First and foremost, I've downgraded my opinion of this place from the outside from "looks somewhat like a slum" to "looks exactly like a slum". Not that this is a bad thing – it's not as if the area looks particularly unsafe, it's just it looks sorta, well, ratty. If I was thinking properly I'd take a photo to illustrate the point, but that might have to wait till the next entry we make.

So onto the house itself. As one of our housemates put it as we were moving in "we don't really do the cleaning thing". This has become painfully obvious. Now as anyone who has lived with me will know, I'm not exactly the most clean person in the world. I can tolerate a certain level of disorganisation that others might struggle with, but the common areas in this place are pretty filthy. On the plus side though, Cal has officially organised to clean each month for a certain amount of money, so the patented "Whirlwind Callina" cleanliness should come into effect shortly. Untill then, our room is a bastion of clenliness in a world gone mad. You can quote me on that if you like.

As often happens when you move into a sharehouse, we have housemates. These housemates are unlike anything I've experienced before. Observe:

Housemate No.1

Name: Roger
Sanity Level (10 is sane): 8
Traits: Whenever he is home, he always seems to have the door to his room slightly ajar. This means his music permeates throughout the flat. Not really that annoying since his music taste is okay. Apparently doesn't get along with housemate no 2.

Housemate No.2

Name: Unknown
Sanity Level (10 is sane): 3
Traits: He is either never home, or always home. I can't really tell. The door to his room is always closed, and there is never any noise coming from behind it. The one time I met him we talked briefly before he scurried behind his door. Has crazy eyes.

It's probably worth mentioning that these pictures may look nothing like our actual housemates. It's just that we see so little of them, I've sorta forgotten what they look like already. (Except the crazy eyes of housemate no 2 – they'll stay with me forever.)

Okay, now that that's sorted, I might as well mention the other stuff that's been going on. Cal has had her first week of work which I'll let her talk about later (she is alseep right now), and I've had a job interview. Without trying to sound too up myself, I reckon I nailed it, and they pretty much said I had the job. However, as their boss was away at E3 (big games show in LA) they couldn't let me know till next week. What this means is that I've had this week (and possibly next) to myself while Cal is at work. The geek has come out of me again, and I will admit to spending at least one day at home catching up on 24 and Survivor, but I've also been going out exploring to places Cal might not have really wanted to go see. Today I decided I wanted to go and see Buckingham palace, so off I went. I should mention that today had absolutely PERFECT weather. It was sunny and warm at about 24 degrees, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky the whole day. So I head to the palace, but on the way decide to check out Westminster abbey which was alright, but not really worth the �6 entry fee, just a bunch of old tombs of admittedly pretty big names (Elizabeth I, Shakespeare etc). After that I went to see the palace which was nice, but somehow not as grandiose (sp?) as I imagined. It was worth seeing. Perhaps the highlight of my day through was St James Park which was absolutely beautiful (I have photos to prove it). So at about 2pm I sat down in the park by the lake had an overpriced sandwich and orange juice, and spent the rest of the day playing my gameboy underneath the shade of a tree. It very much kicked ass. Hell, I might do it tomorrow too if the weather is nice. 😛

And that's about it. Appologies if this was a bit long – feel free to berate me in the new shoutbox thingy. Which reminds me, I'm still tweaking things here and there with this site, so you'll probably notice some things get moved around, and others added/deleted. If there's anything you think might be a good addition, let me know!

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