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March 2023


My Day:
06:00am – Alarm goes off

06:25am – Get up:p

07:30am – Catch lift with Sue to Liverpool St Station in best interview outfit.

09:15am – Arrive at Liverpool St Station

09:34am – Train departs for Shenfield

10:00am – Arrive at Shenfield

10:03am – find a table in Lot 75 – local cafe in which I am to meet recruiter for 'prep' at 10:30am

10:10am – finish reading material brought from home about .Net, FIX and STP. Pick up Marie Clare.

10:35am – Recruiter arrives. Reluctantly put down Marie Clare.

11:00am – Recruiter drops me at Solution Forge HQ. Met by Manging Director and Company founder and Head Product Manager all in casual dress (ie Jeans).

01:30pm – Finish Interview and get lift from Founder back to Shenfield Station.

02:00pm – Arrive at Liverpool Street Station

02:03pm – receive call from Recruiter asking me to wait there for 10mins for him to arrive. Whilst waiting i check out the cost of monthly return ticket to Shenfield (£215 monthly OMFG)

02:15pm – Recruiter arrives and tells me i have a job offer.25 holidays plus statutory days, health insurance and performance related bonus are the purks. I query about transportation costs and he finds out about a salary payment for yearly ticket (£2000 *feels faint*) I say i will think about the offer and call him before 5pm.

04:00pm – Sms recruiter as have run out of credit asking to call back. Say that I will take the job if they increase the offer to cover the train fair.

05:00pm – They offer extra £1000 to cover half of train fair. I accept. I HAVE A JOB!! And the best part is that it is in a small company which produces Trading software. Definitely a good niche to get into.

We have started looking for share flats around Liverpool Street Station. Going to look at one down by the Thames tomorrow at lunch (not exactly near by but not too far :p.


Comment from Callina
Time: May 2, 2006, 10:21 pm

Also since our last post we have visited the Science Museum with with my cousin Robin and saw amoungst other things the fabulous Pixar Exhibition. Very Impressive to say the least.

We had a picnic in Hyde Park with Robin and family.

Had lunch with Mendel on Portabello Road in Noting Hill. Very taken with the area.

Loving London!

Comment from Hoa
Time: May 3, 2006, 4:10 am

That's pretty cool.
Congratulations Cal.

Take care of Phil while you're over there… for one reason or another, I have this image of Phil prowling the back alleys barefoot and in a tattered t-shirt and rolled-up jeans in the middle of the night, picking fights with stray cats… I could be wrong, however. 😛

Comment from Callina
Time: May 3, 2006, 2:03 pm

Thanks Hoa 🙂

Phil and I will come to an arrangement in the off chance he doesnt get work soonish. Though he seems to be getting a few nibbles at the moment so if doesnt look like he will end up a kept man (despite his desire to do so). 😉

Comment from Daphne
Time: May 3, 2006, 4:19 pm

Awesome! congratulations 🙂

I can't believe 2000 pounds a year for transport though…

Comment from K
Time: May 4, 2006, 6:08 am

Congrats my dear 🙂
Awesome…knew you would get something! When do you start?

Coincidently, if you are ever desperate for Vietnamese food (albeit not as great as Sydney)…right near Liverpool St Station (on the way to Hackney) is the Viet restaurant area – I think the major road is bishopsgate? My memory is failing.

Comment from Callina
Time: May 4, 2006, 7:54 pm

Daph: If phil gets a job in Cambridge (which is currently on the cards) then his transport could be over £3000 pound a year.. but then it is effectivly going to the blue mountains everyday for work :p.

Khanh: actually seen a few Viet places around the place. Yesterday we looked at a flat in bangaladeshi town! now it smelt phenomenal… but was only avalible on teh 25th May.

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