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Witty Title

First, I'd like to set some things straight which Cal may have expressed in her previous entry. Foremost, my distaste for architecture and gardens is nothing new – my green thumb is brown and dead, and my appreciation for architecture extends as far as saying "That building looks cool". I guess what Cal was referring to was my refusal to pay good money to actively seek them out. 😛

This doesn't mean I'm getting sick of touring or anything like that – I just really like seeing different things. For instance we went and saw a Roman history museum the other day which was rather kick ass. Tomorrow (?) we're also heading into london and hopefully we'll go see some Pixar exhibition which is on.

So now that we've got that straightened out, I'll pleasure you all with some of my observations of my time in London (well outer London anyway).

Brown. Everything is brown. So much so that it all reminds me of a Quake level. To clarify for those who aren't up to date on their videogames, Quake is a quite semminal series of PC games which generally revolve around running around and killing other players in multiplayer. But perhaps the most (in)famous aspect of the games is their total and utter lack of colour. All levels are brown, red, grey, and with some dark green. London is EXACTLY the same. Observe:

Quake 3


Sky aside, do you notice any similarities?

I had a rant about this written previously, but never got around to posting it, but I'm slowly but surely getting used to the warm beer thing. I guess it makes sense in a way that since it's so bloody cold outside the last thing you want to do is have a cold beer, but it still seems inherently wrong. But, I'm happy to say that I'm dealing with it. So yes, you will not have to cry yourself to sleep anymore wondering whether or not I'm drinking the beer. Your fears have been alayed.

The attractiveness of women has also steadily increased as we move closer to London. Bristol was pretty meh, Ireland had it's moments but things are steadily improving. These do all pale in comparisson to Aussie women, and in particular the hottie sitting next to me and most definitely not looking over my shoulder as I write this. 😛

And finally, as Cal may have mentioned, we're currently staying with her cousin and his family in outer London. They've been utterly fantastic to us, and have made us feel very much at home. A particular highlight to me is their two sons Toby and Luke (12 and 10), who are more at my mental level. Since we've been here we've been playing xbox and poker and stuff, and it kicks ass.

And that's about it! The photos that we've been promising for ages are finally up, so please browse to the Travel Photos section and let us know what you think. We've put in quite a few new folders, so go back a page or two to see all of it.


Comment from chito
Time: April 26, 2006, 12:58 am

I made the EXACT same observation some 15 years ago…. except it was the grey that stuck out more than the brown for me (although this was inner london we're talking about).

ps: your photos are pretty darn awesome as well. Hats off to the photographer(s) for making wessex seaside look interesting.

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