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January 2023

Guinness gives me gas.

And it's really bizarre.

Now while I'm hesitant to drag this log down into the gutter with a topic on flatulence, the greater good demands that the topic be touched on. Guinness gives me gas. Its an undeniable fact really. As we've been touring around, I've been trying all the beers I find along the way. If there's a pub that has beers I've all tried before I'm defaulting to a Guinness. Now I've never really been a particularly big fan of the black stuff, but I figure that while I'm in Ireland I might as well try and get a taste for it, and to be honest if you go to the right place it's actually quite good.

But then there's the side effects.

Basically after a night and one or two pints of Guinness I'm like some sort of human trumpet which plays particularly unpleasant music. So I'm torn. I want to do as the locals do and drink it when possible, but then I have to think of poor Cally and all the other people within a ten meter radius… I think I might switch back to regular beer.

So enough about that, I thought I might go on and share a couple of other anecdotes I've picked up during the trip. To begin, I'd like to start with the fact that it seems that Cal and I seem to be the only ones on this continent we've run into with any semblance of an idea of how to take a photo. To Illustrate the point, the other day we were in Blarney visiting blarney castle, and kissing the stone (which I did – the gift of the gab must be lost in the mail or something). We were wandering around the quite beautiful grounds and taking photos of the both of us at the same time by holding the camera out in front of us – we (particularly Cal) are quite good at this and we normally get good shots. There's a nice angle of the castle behind us which we're trying to get right, and a nice french dude offers to take it. We agree, and he takes the photo.

After he hands the camera back and wanders off, we check the photo and notice that he's positined us smack bang in the middle of the photo, completely blocking the castle in the background. This has been a recurring problem.

It's quite funny that while Cal and I both respect each other's photo taking skills, we both have quirks which drive each other insane. I tend to want to frame people in a more cinematic way, showing 3/4 of their body. This generally makes the person (Cal generally) look well positioned in the shot, but also makes me take it from a lower angle which means that it also gets Fences and other ugly stuff in the background. Cal doesn't like fences in her photos. On the other hand, Cal compensates for this by angling the camera up, which means that you're left with my disembodied head jutting up from the bottom of the frame. This annoys me.

So, when we get to posting all our photos for england/ireland (soon), keep an eye out for these features. If it has a fence in the foreground, I probably took it, and if there's a floating head at the bottom, cal probably did. 😛

And finally there is the little matter of the "close encounter of the nerd kind" which Cal mentioned in her last entry. I'd like to set the record straight that the guy from the anime comic thing was creepy and acquard as mentioned, but the dude from Something Awful was really cool. And it's not masonic at all. There are 50,000 members in all or something, so you're going to run into one sooner or later, there's just a simple method of confirming that you're from the same place. I think Cal's just talking it down because I beat her at air hockey at the arcade that she followed us to…

I guess I should also mention

The Strangest thing I've seen today!
We've been in Ireland for about a week now, and I've managed to witness two Saturday nights. On Saturday nights all the pubs and bars are packed out with people having a good time. Now of course when we move onto Sunday morning, the result of this is that the cities are ghost towns. Any time before midday and there's practically noone walking the streets. The Irish really do like their drinking.

Aaand that's about it. We're heading back to England tomorrow, and then shortly after that to London where the jobsearching begins. It'll also mean I'll hopefully have the opportunity to upload some of the many photos we've taken in Europe. For now though, Happy Easter!

ps: I write faaar faaar too much.


Comment from Callina
Time: April 16, 2006, 10:45 pm

4 euro an hour for internet!?!?!?! OMFG.

ps: i also dispute the floating head comments above. :p

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