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September 2023

Kill Arney

So we beaing the adventuours travelers that we are have continued our bus journey to the wilds of Killarny – a quaint tourist town filled to the brim with Yanks.

We are here to sample to the natural delights which abound in the region. The Ring of Kerry, the Dunlow gap (or something like that)… its like being in New Zealand only with more ammerican tourists and loads of horse drawn buggies. (I would say there is the same number of sheep but phil thinks otherwise :p)

I had Guiness Pie with mushy peas dor dinner with a cider.

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Very impressed.

It is funny the phil had some close encounters in cork, and its surrounds, of the nerd kind yesterday. Frist was the dude at the Balarny Castle who upon recognising phils Megatokyo jumper walked up and said:

Creepy Nerdy Guy: Do you speak leet?
Phil: Pardon me?
CNG: Do you speek [i]leet[/i]?
Phil: Ooooh, yeah, I guess I do.
CNG: I'm Gullian from the Megatokyo forums
— Philnote
Megatokyo are some crappy anime inspired comics on the net.

Phil: I don't post there. I've never read the comic.
CNG: I don't post there either.
…….Acquard Silence in which Cal focused on postcards…..

hehe.. next came the Something Awful connection.. Now i didnt know there was a secret handshake of sorts.. its SO masonic its just not funny :p But after teh revalation you could so tell they were two of a kind :p evedenced by them running off to play super mario cart at the arcade across from the hostel at midnight.. well thats where they 'said' theyr were going.. but the whole secret handshake put me off so i left them to it :p

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