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We have a system.

You know how we mentioned previously that the more package tourists there were around, the more creepy fat white men there were with hot asian women? Well we're in Phuket now and it looks like we've found the hive from which they all spring from. They're EVERYWHERE. Cal and I have been enjoying ourselves since we've been here ogling these dudes and generally looking down on them. However, it is hard to walk around saying "hey! look at the ugly white dude with the hot thai chick" all the time, so we've developed a system.

The patented "Monkeys!" system. You see, now anytime we see such a couple there'll be a call of "monkeys!" and then the degree to which such a hookup would be impossible should the male not be in Thailand. Big guys with moustaches and their shirts hanging open are "big monkeys". Guys who are out and about with women roughly their age and degree of attractiveness are "small monkeys".

This system is getting a lot of use.

So anyway, we're in Phuket right now, and primarily because of the above reason, I'm not a huge fan of the place. The beach is nice, but it has nothing on Phi Phi which we mentioned in the previous entry.

So we're in Phuket, and last night we decided to sample the night life. Cal made arrangements to meet up with her ex boss' brother who teaches diving over here. We eventually met him in an Aussie bar (which was quite surreal to me), and had a few drinks. His friends soon turned up and we had a few more and then went to a local pub they all raved about. We followed along.

As an aside, I should mention that there was a cabaret show on, and some of the cast was outside the entrance enticing people to go in. While we didn't go in we both took the opportunity to have photos taken with the ladyboys. Enjoy!

It turned out to be a gogo joint of sorts, filled to the brim with aforementioned monkeys. I was propositioned twice on the way in despite Cal being less than a metre away. So to paint a picture, we sit down and watch the show, which was a bunch of people swinging and gyrating on poles. I say people because I had absolutely no idea which sex they were. Some were obviously male, others obviously female, but there was a definite grey zone which scared me. I didn't know where to look.

We stumble back to the hotel afterwards drunkedly, and hit the sack. We then both wake up this morning with hangovers, and yours truly with some type of stomach bug which still hasn't left me. Hooray!

The Craziest thing I saw today


Comment from Callina
Time: March 28, 2006, 10:22 am

Craziest thing I saw (after Dr Pornsak) was three guys standing on top of a Fire engin in the middle of an intersection tying the overhead power/phone cables together with plastic string.. it seemed the cables were hanging to low and the fire truck was the only vehical tall enough to enable them to reach up.. it really was bizarre.. i have a photo but it was a little dark so will post it once we have had a chance to lighten it up on phils lap top. 🙂

The GoGo bar last night was wild.. i got 2 lesbian propositions and got told by one girl that her boobs were silicone and that she "never lie".

Wanted to do some diving from Phuket but didnt want to rush.. so will have to come back.. going to be sad to leave southern thailand.. but looking forward to the adventure held by Europe.. 🙂

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