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September 2019
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I have no words.

Well I guess I do have words, seeing as otherwise this'd be a fairly boring update. I firmly believe that we are right now in the most beautiful place on earth. Being here (Ko Phi Phi) is like a religious experience for me. See example:

Now I thought that the east cost was great, but this just blows it away. Last night we went on a "sunset tour" which took us to the nearby island of Ko Phi Phi Don which was the one they used in the movie "The Beach", and they used it for good reason. There are large table corals which expand like shelves as far as you can see (which I can happily report is pretty far). There are massive limestone clifs which create secluded bays filled with white sandy beaches. I can't really put it to words. It just kicks that much ass.

We were originally planning on spending only one night here (in a ludicrously expensive bungalow for what it was), but we decided to hang in one more night at another hotel which we found nearby for a third of the price. We definitely made the right decision. We awoke to a beautiful blue skyed day (the previous day was overcast) and lazed around on the beach, taking some of the photos you can see linked from here in the gallery.

I was originally planning to retire in the Shire… but now… you know…

Actually, screw waiting till I retire. I want to move here now.

And this brings me to:

Craziest thing I saw today

Yesterday on this sunset tour we went to a nearby pocket of beach on Phi Phi proper, where they had wild monkeys. (YES! Does this place get any better?!) Naturally the tourguide gave us food to feed them with the warning not to get too close since they were mean mean monkeys.

Our tour operator took great pleasure in getting his own back though. He'd lure them out to sea with promise of a banana, only to deny them once they'd swum out 10 meters or so, and watch them dejectedly swim back. Cal tells me he'd already given him one though. But anyway! MONKEYS! on the beach! CRAZY!

Here is a photo of me trying to reproduce my beloved "Stare Monkey" image with some monkeys.


Comment from Callina
Time: March 25, 2006, 12:51 pm

[b]Things I would like to add:[/b]

– I went scuba diving from Ko Lanta to Hin Deaung/Hin Moung and to Ko Haa (see picture in gallery of my first ever lion fish!)

– On boat from Ko Lanta to Ko Phi Phi i had a nap and awoke to find i had been devoured by mystery bugs.. now sporting close to 50 itchy bites!

Comment from Callina
Time: March 25, 2006, 12:58 pm

Oh and if you go to stay on Ko Lanta (highly recomended) we stayed at a place called "SunMoon Bungalows" run by a muslim family (who employ a buddist to run the bar ;)) and the food was fabulous. In particular the massamam curry, the sizzling plate and the prawns (mini though they are) with garlic and pepper. The one warning is that the sealed road ends on the beach before the guest house so you're not really able to ride a motor bike and need a 4 wheel drive to get round the dirt roads. So if you like solitude, good food and a raging bar (on a small scale) then I would highly recomend it otherwise stick to the places from teh third last beach hire with sealed roads.

Ok finished and we're off to sample some 2-4-1 bucket action. 😉 Wish us luck.

Comment from Andrew
Time: March 25, 2006, 1:59 pm

Kick arse.

Glad you guys are having a blast – it's been great to vicariously experience summer through you (really!), so thanks for keeping us up to date with your travels. Hope you both make the most of it, and don't be shy with the photos.

Monkeys. Brilliant.

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