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March 2023

Let the planning begin

So we have time and we have money and all we lack is a locked in plan.

Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt are as locked in as they can get. We move out of out little birds nest on Drummond street on the 8th of July and head to my cousins to roost.

So many things to get done here and things up in the air..

Most seem to relate to whether we will get visas to work in the US which in turn relates to if we will get job offers. How many jobs will there be when we get there? Will we have enough of a cash buffer after 6-7 months of travel?

If the USA falls through will we ‘settle’ for Canada or come back to London?

I am a little scared that Sydney will be boring to me when we go back and so wonder when will it be the right time to go?

But back to the fun stuff.. we were looking at 2 options. Option 1 involved going overland to Iran from Egypt then on to India… then the Iranian election took hold of of the country and presently wrings its neck on ever news channel cashing in on the emotion and violence.

So option 2. Well this involves a longer flight across the Atlantic to Peru – the Inca trail, Bolivian salt plains, Chile, Argentina – Patagonia then a hop up to Panama to work our way over land to the US.

Flying south for the winter can be so much fun to plan and such a pain to pack for.


Comment from lyn
Time: June 22, 2009, 8:04 pm

welcome back to the blog! cant wait for the iceland post/s.

Comment from lyn
Time: June 22, 2009, 8:05 pm

and thanks for the integrations and the maps Phil – you are a legend!

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