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Bad, bad buckets

Yay for electrocution by digital camera. Now one may not have thought this possible but in the land of Thai [i]everything[/i] is possible.

note: the camera and entire computer case are actually electrofied as poor phil discovered – dont worry though the thumb is still in action and will appear in the near future.

Now for the long awaited "proper" update, which we have been planning in detail, and for which you have all been waiting with baited(sp?) breath.

but alas, alack, as luck would have it all our plans have come to naught as we have left the list of intresting items to add back in the bungalow (2 mins walk from where we sit) but are to lazy to go and get it.


Comment from Phil
Time: March 21, 2006, 12:32 pm

Lazy? Us? Never.

The excuse I prefer to use is that it's raining outside. And we all know that if I go outside in the rain I'd probably melt Wizard of Oz style.

Comment from Callina
Time: March 21, 2006, 12:47 pm

ok so back to the subject of this post. Buckets of most foul evil…

Basically on Ko Phangan, a place famous for its Full moon parties, buckets are all the rage with the youngsters.

A bucket typically consists of a hip flask of rum/vodka/SanSome (thailands home grown whisky – you can imagin the taste) with a small bottle of extra strong, uncarbonated, red bull and a softdrink of your choice(coke or sprite) magically packaged in a bucket (think kiddy sand castles sized) with ice.

One bucket is nice, one would then hypothosise (oh so wrongly) that two would be even better… my poor little liver got a bit of a shock but i did live to tell the tale so all worked out in the end..

Other points of note about Ko Phangan:
It is Israli central which can be witnessed by the signs in Hebrew outnumbering those in English.

We stayed near chicken corner: site of THE BEST EVER chicken snitzel sandwich. (for future reference Mr. K's)

We did a boat trip out to snorkel the islands with the Reggae bar and when the boat broke down they sang "dont worry, be happy" reggae style. It was a nice touch of authenticity. 🙂

Comment from Phil
Time: March 21, 2006, 12:53 pm

Other touches of authenticity included:

1) The boat captain resembling an asian Bob Marley (complete with authentic bloodshot eyes).

2) "Wacky Tobaccy" being passed around on the boat which was provided by the staff as soon as we departed the pier.

I mean we were on the "Reggae" boat trip – guaranteed to be the most chilled day out available, so I'm not really sure what we were expecting, but it made for an interesting day.

ps: We didn't inhale.

Comment from Callina
Time: March 21, 2006, 12:55 pm

No really we didnt.

Comment from Phil
Time: March 21, 2006, 12:59 pm

Seriously. No need to email me about it Mum. 🙂

I'm going to get slightly nerdy for a second here and mention the movies in Ko Phangan. Like Pai, there were tonnes of places all over island which show movies all afternoon and evening. You sit down, buy a beer/shake and then enjoy the show. The problem thing being for me is that I'm an elitist nerd. You see, all the movies are goddamn Cam rips. This means that the colours were all washed out, the sound was barely audible in somecases, and the subtitles were hilariously wrong. I mean we saw "The Island", and I swear that a good 20 minutes of the middle of the movie was just not there.

</end rant>

Comment from Callina
Time: March 21, 2006, 1:04 pm

My personal fav was "do you belive in Gud?" .. hehe…

also i wanted to say that the qality wasnt [i]that[/i] bad..;)

ok the hour of rediculously expensive internet is up. More tales of adventure next time!

Comment from Phil
Time: March 21, 2006, 1:11 pm

Okay, and so I don't get any nasty emails, here you go folks:

[b] The craziest thing I've seen today![/b]

Appologies in advance that this one is a bit weak compared to past greatness, but you don't see too many things sitting around on the beach all day (aside from a proportionally large number of topless women).

But anyway, the craziest thing so far would have to be on a snorkelling expadition today. We were swimming around with these beautiful flurecent fish (like that in the picture below). There were hundreds of them. The fish are so conditioned to being fed by the tour operators that they have no fear of humans, and seek them out.

I was admiring the sights without moving much in the water when I noticed little nibbled on my arm. Then under my arms. Then my feet. What I think happened was that they thought parts of my body were bread, since I've got the pasty nerd white (symbolising the bread), and my sexy man tanned areas which symbolise the crust. I tried telling them that I wasn't bread but it was to no avail.

At least though, I was the [i]toast[/i] of the town when I retold my story. 😛

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