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March 2023

The Story so far. Photos! L@@k!

Okay, it’s been a while – and in order to save the hassle of actually recounting 3 months of events, I’ll now present to you a photographic highlights package of what we’ve been up to. These aren’t neccessarily the best photos we’ve taken, but I guess they’re the most representative of our shenanigans. This is a pretty big post, so click through below to begin the wonderful journey.

In Blue

This is Cal and in Chefchaouen, our first stop in Morocco. They paint the walls white/blue to ward off the flies, which are apparently alergic to the colour. I’m alergic to Cal’s choice in habidashery colours, so I can see how this works.

Fez Pits

This is us in one of the leather pits in Fez. Not pictured: the horrible horrible stench. We were resorting to putting mint leaves we were given up our nose.

Morocco Road

Bizarrely I now consider Morocco one of the most beautiful places on earth. There was just so much… nothing. It was wonderful. Funnily enough though, we found a whole lot of random moroccans wandering around places like this. We weren’t exactly sure why though.

Sahara Shadows     Sahara Camel Trekking

These are some photos from our camel trek into the Sahara. It is easily one of the best experience of my life. This was despite the fact that I suffered from a bout of pretty extreme diarrhea at the time. Sure I was running out of our tent in the middle of a sandstorm to dig a hole to defile, but looking up at the amazing stars made it all okay.

Marrakesh Medina

This is the Medina at Marrakech. It was a cacophany of sights, sounds, and people trying to rip off tourists. We were there during ramadam, so things were a bit subdued – I can only imagine how crazy it is in the rest of the year.

Cal Horseriding

Cal riding a stallion along the beach at Essaouira. Meanwhile I was zooming about on a quadbike. Essaouira was a great little town on the Atlantic, and one of my favourite in Morocco. Compared to the rest of the country it had a really laid back atmosphere.

Gibraltar Monkey     Now Entering Gibraltar

OKAY. Now we’re out of Morocco and in Gibraltar. There were monkeys here. There was english spoken here. There were toilets that flushed here. I was happy.

The Algrave at Dusk     Kicking Up the Heels

Now we’re in Portugal. Portugal was one of those places we didn’t really know much about when we arrived, but ended up absolutely loving. The first photo is an arty photo of the Algrave (it rained the rest of the time we were there), and me doing a jumpy thing in Lisbon.

Cal on Top of the World      Port tasting

More Portugal. This is up north of the contry. Cal has a bit of a thing with heights, so I was kinda impressed when she climbed a castle in Sintra. She looks impressed. We also did a lot of Port tasting in Porto. A lot. It was awesome.

The Promenade     Monte Carlo Water

From Porto we flew off to the French Riviera. I’d been here before, but it was nice to go with Cal this time. I’m a particular fan of the colour of the water.

Cinque Terre

Now in Italy we went to the Cinque Terre. A picturesque 5 villages linked by an amazing walking tracks. And equally amazing water. While it was a tad cold by this time, I simply couldn’t resist. Note: I’m not actually this white. (Really)

Upsidedown 1     Upsidedown 2

In the words of Blackboard from Mr Squiggle: “Upsidedown, Upsidedown!”

  Best Fountain EVER

Three words. Best. Fountain. EVER. (From Bologna in Italy).

Arena in Verona

This is me in the Roman arena in Verona (ala Romeo and Juliet). I’m posting it because I think I look good in it. In Verona there is a statue of Juliet, and if you rub her right breast, you supposedly get a new lover. Cal wouldn’t let me do it. 🙁

Rats with Wings     Venice

Okay, now we’re in Venice. This was a last moment decision to go there, and while it was expensive, cold, and full of tourists, it was worth getting there to check it out. I still fail to understand what the appeal of feeding pigeons in St Marks Square is. (shudder)

St Petes in Rome

Up the top of St Pete’s basillica in the Vatican. This is something I’ve always wanted to do since my Mum told me she did the same thing while she was there. If it means anything, I climbed it faster than her, so ner.


Monkey business in Pompeii.

Beat it

I’m playing a bit of Solitaire on my phone in dead time. I’m getting to be a bit of a gun at it. This is my top score (standard scoring, one card draw). I welcome all challengers. 🙂

Pope Tamborine


Best Pizza EVER

Pizza in Naples, which is easily the best Pizza Cal and I have both had in our lives. The price for this? 3 Euros. Awesome.

And that’s it for now! We’ve got a few more photos to put up here, including Sicily and Greece, but finding somewhere where we can upload photos is like having the planets align. Keep your eyes peeled!


Comment from lyn
Time: November 25, 2007, 12:04 pm

hi Phil you are a scream! looking forward to the next planet alignment event.

Comment from Hoa
Time: November 29, 2007, 8:59 pm

Wow. Great post dude. And that fountain… gold. 🙂
I cracked up when I read that Cal wouldn’t let you rub your head against the supple bosom of Juliet… the camel trip looks like it was amazing as well.

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