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September 2019
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Island in the sun

Here is me adding yet another photo to the series of me grinning like a madman and giving the thumbs up to the camera.

Can you really blame me though? We're on a beautiful island in the thailand see, there's silky sand, palmtrees, it's about 30 degrees every day, the water is warm, and there's white pointers everywhere (Hi Dad!).

I don't have time to do a full update right now since internet here is more expensive than it is back home ($4 an hour), so Cal and I will fill you in on our shenanigans shortly. However. at Shelles request I'd like to share something with you all which I hope may become some sort of segment.

The Strangest thing I've seen today!
You see, I see a lot of strange things. So far we've had eating crickets and elephants with tail lights on their tails, but I'll add to the annals something that Cal and I have noticed in the trip. It's probably best explained by a graph:

Here I present a study on the numbers of creepy old white men with hot thai women versus the number of package tourists around. As you can see from my very scientific chart, when there's many pot bellies and speedos around, you're going to see tonnes of these couples. It was best illustrated to Cal and I when we were staying a few days ago in the nearby island of Ko Samui. We had brilliant beachside bungalos, and from what we saw we were one of the only two bungalos used up by creepy white men with hot thai women. We thought the ration was somewhere in between 85–90%. It's amazing.

And with that remarkable piece of information I leave you all until we've found a net cafe that doesn't require a kings ransom (see: sense of value getting skewed in a previous entry).

Expect more soon.

Miss you all.

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