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Back in Bangkok

Its been a glorious few days. Eating, shopping, eating some more, sight seeing and generlly living it up.

Upon our arrival back at khao San Rd we headed to a little place close by, and got the last avalible double with aircon. Really the best features were the soft western bed (thai's prefer to sleep on somthing closely resembling rock inside a matress cover), rooftop swimming pool and in room cable TV (unfortunaly only with CNN and crapy movie channel).

Went to the Palace and connected temple complex on Sunday, along with, apparently, EVERY OTHER tourist and tourist group in Thailand. hehe.. Wandered round through the crowds wityh trusty audio guide that seem to focus on random things and leave the imporant info to the end of each track when you had already moved past the feature.

Spend the rest of the day recovering from the tourist mania by tourist watching from a street side resturant on Khao San Rd. Intrestign find: there is an Indian resturant called : GAY LORD Indian Resturant at teh end of the road… I thought it was worth a visit but phil was not so keen. 😉

Yesterday, Monday, we headed back to Siam Square, the megga mall metropolous, we spend most of the day in and around The Parragon Centre, Siam Discovery Centre (discover your love of shopping) and the more asian market style HBK Centre.

The Parragon has door men whom click their heels together as you pass through the door into the food court. Free clean toilets (Important note: WITH TOILET PAPPER provided).

That day we had three meals in the Parragons food court:
1) 11am – Breakfast
– Cal 2 tartlets (samon quiche and bacon & spinich quiche)
– Phil 2 largeish slices of Piza ( bacon & spinich and salami – they really do make awesoem piza here from our experience)

2) 1pm – Lunch (??)
– Cal Chocolate Milk shake – which i had the feeling had nothing like milk come anywhere near it
– Phil Giant Iceream sunday (see picture" This was a mistake" and he ate most of it)

3) 5pm – Dinner (despite phils wacko rule that dinner has tobe after the sun has gone down :p)
– The most fantastic sushi expereince ever! (see picture "Kickass sushimi" for flavour) at the Fuji japanese resturant, also in teh paragon food court/floor.

Then there was the Salt and Vinnegar Popcorn at the movies. Im amazed at our Interpretation of the Nutritional Pyrimid. And quite frankly that we didnt explode.

We saw Fearless – dubbed in thai and subtitled poorly in english. Every so offten you just wouldn't get the second half of the phrase: "you killed.. seeking" huh? hehe.. but luckly it was a martial arts action film so talking wasnt the focus.

Also of note: we happended on a DVD store selling another Thai Kick Boxing film with the same guy as in Ong Bak. Looked impressive. 1 fight scene involved 3 motor bikes, a quad bike, 5 rollerbladders and more all against our unarmed Thai hero.

Today we have checked out from our airconditioned pool haven and are whiling away the hours till our night train takes us south where the beach adventure begins.


Comment from Anonymous
Time: March 14, 2006, 7:22 am

Hooray for the beach!

<does a little dance>


Comment from Dean
Time: March 14, 2006, 6:03 pm

HEY PHIIIILL! HEY CALLLLIIIIII!! Glad you guys are having such an awesome trip, I've been keeping up with your shenanigans everyday. I wish Boston had elephants and monkeys, all we have here are squirrels and hobos 🙁

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