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March 2023


Hello and welcome to our first official “On the road” post from Sunny Madrid. And there´s one detail that I really should begin with. I´ve seen the sun for the first time in weeks, and it feels pretty damned good. Allow me to illustrate:





To draw a really crude/nerdy analogy, it´s like I´m superman. As everyone knows, Superman is like a giant solar battery, so if he´s hurt, he goes into the sun and gets recharged and is all healthy again. I´m like Superman. It feels so good to have the sun right now.

With this stated, it may come as no suprise that I´m loving it here. Not having to go into work every day is great, but couple that with Sun, great people, the beach, and fantastic food* this really is “Phil Heaven”. I think when I die Phi Phi island and Spain will have to have a fight over where I should reside for the rest of eternity. (Wow. That was needlessly morbid)

We´re not really in a position to update a whole swathe of photos into the gallery for you all to ignore right now, since there´s not the tools to do it in this cafe to do it. However, what I can do is offer you a few select photos with descriptions (!) to cover some of the stuff we´ve been up to.

Top of Barcelona
Me on Top of the world in Barcelona. The view was magnificent. (Not Photoed: Me doing the “With arms wide open thing”)

Both of us.. uhh… I dunno. We´re at Monserrat – A monestary high in the hills out of Barcelona. Thanks for the recommendation Khanh!

Costa Brava
Cal on the Beach in the Costa Brava. Not pictured: The hundreds of topless women.

Other than that, the only piece of news I can offer right now is that I ate some dud Paella (seafood stew) for lunch the other day, and am suffering from rather bad food poisoning. It´s killing me to be stuck within running distance of the hotel toilet while Cal has been able to get out and about exploring. I think it means that I´ll have to come back to Madrid to catch up on all the things I´ve missed – I can think of worse situations to be in.


From Madrid, Phil signing off.

(Oh! And there´s now a link to our rss feed of this blog over on the left. If you´re a humungous nerd like us you might want to use it!)


Comment from Hoa
Time: August 21, 2007, 1:18 am

Too bad about the food poisoning, dude.
It’s good to see that you’re not having too crap of a time. 🙂

Comment from Phil
Time: August 22, 2007, 7:03 am


Nice one Hoa. 🙂 I was ever so tempted to name this blog post “going through the motions…”

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