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March 2023

Tooting ones horn.

Hey all, just a quick ego driven post before we head out on our holiday (Tomorrow!). Some videos are starting to be sent out by Sony to advertise Heavenly Sword, including the following.

This is one of the cutscenes I worked on in the game, and this one in particular is the subject of a decent amount of hassle. It’s been a fantastic tradeoff though, as people seem to really dig it.

It sounds a little odd to say about a game that so obviously focuses on combat, but we’re most excited about Heavenly Sword’s performances. If the few cutscenes we saw in the game were any indication, all this talk about raising the quality of in-game characters wasn’t just a load of crap; they really are doing it, and we’re now dying to see how the story turns out.

Although I am well aware that solid gameplay is absolutely critical for making this a good game, I would buy it just for the cutscenes. Serkis clearly poured some artistic energy into the directorial elements of Heavenly Sword, and the story of Nariko and her dying clan could become one of the better-told stories in recent videogame history.

Toot toot! 🙂


Comment from lyn
Time: August 7, 2007, 2:42 am

brilliant, especially the expressions!! does cutscenes mean the bits of story fillins between the fighting bits all strung together??(probably let you have about 9 and three quarter toots for it anyway). Will Ninjay Theory start up again for a new game? enjoy yr trip love mrs g (and happy birthday callina)xxx

Comment from Phil
Time: August 11, 2007, 9:48 am

Hey Mrs G!

Yep, you´re exactly right. Cutscenes are the story bits in between the times when you´re actually playing the game. NT will probably be onto something next, but I can´t really say anything about it on the open internet.

We´re indeed enjoying the trip – look forward to a post about it soon!

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