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March 2023


Phil was sick last week, which inevitably meant that I got sick this week.. i started feeling it coming on over the weekend when we were down in Bristol but thought I may get off lightly until the full fury of the storm hit on Wednesday afternoon when i left work a few hours early and then also took Thursday off work entirely. I don’t get paid when i take a day off so I didn’t do it lightly and this is also the reason im back at work today :p. I am feeling a lot better than i did and am looking forward to diving back into my social calendar of events.. :p.

Sending out a thanks to my aunts and uncles in Bristol for having us over the weekend too! As always the home cooked food was impressive and plentiful! I finished up the biscuits on the train on the way home. The Bristol museum we visited was really interesting with a surprisingly good collection of both paintings (with famous artists from a number of movements) and also glassware and natural history. Like a little bit of everything in one place. Speaking of a little bit of everything in one place I also visited TJMaxx and picked up two fabulous dresses. Photos to come. 🙂 This store for the uninitiated is like a factory seconds store with everything sorted by size. It is like an Op shop but everything is new. When we visited the shoppers all seemed rather frantic.

As for today I ate an excellent pork ciabatta (would be turkish bread for those in australia) with home made apple sauce at borough markets for lunch today. Its right by my new building. Also looking forward to checking out Vicky’s new place in Shorditch tonight! Gus and Shelle (from uni) are in town briefly so hoping to catch up with them some time this weekend.

Finally I tried to take photos of my new office today only to find as i framed a photo of the dog (seeing eye) that is on my floor that i had no memory card! so its another task that will remain on my to-do list. :p

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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