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Have you ever Wiki’ed yourself? is an online free encyclopedia that any one can post to/edit. It tends to have articles on just about anything you can imagine or that someone has studied. Today i was following a ‘wiki’-link, posted on a networking site ,for my old high school and was amazed at the amount of information the article […]

Anatomy of Crunch.

I’m sitting here in Cambridge waiting for my train to leave. It’s 11pm on Saturday night, and I’ve just worked a 12 hour day. And because you can only play so much bejewelled on your phone before you go insane, I’m wondering why I, and everyone else in the games industry do what we do. […]

Your opinion requested.

Oh, I also forgot. After much prodding on Callina’s part, she finally got me to give a goatee a try. I really don’t like it, but she seems to. What do you think? Leave a comment.

Guess who?

Hi! How’s it going! It has certainly been a while. As is the case with all my posts these days, I’ll start with an explanation on why it has taken me so damned long to post a new update. The only difference this time, is that I’ve got a legitimate excuse. Yes. Really. I’m in […]


Phil was sick last week, which inevitably meant that I got sick this week.. i started feeling it coming on over the weekend when we were down in Bristol but thought I may get off lightly until the full fury of the storm hit on Wednesday afternoon when i left work a few hours early […]

Article: Five-Second Rule Explored

The Five-Second Rule Explored, or How Dirty Is That Bologna? Accompanied by six graphs, two tables and equations whose terms include “bologna” and “carpet,” it’s a thorough microbiological study of the five-second rule: the idea that if you pick up a dropped piece of food before you can count to five, it’s O.K. research paper […]

Word of the Day: Philematologist

Defined as: one who makes a formal study of kissing NOT one who makes formal study of Phil i was sad to find out.. 😉

Studio Audience

Tonight I went to the filming of Parkinson as a member of its studio audience.This was a show that my mum had gotten me into in Australia and is similar to the Andrew Denton show in that the basic premis is a charismatic interviewer of the stars that is good enough to be interesting without […]

Coming Soon

Ok I know i have been very slack with the Blog posts.. i really dont know where the time has been going!!  Posts still to come: St Pats Day in Dublin (March 07)  LALA Land (April 07) Nelly Furtado Concert (April 07) Easter in Munich (April 07) Best Steak in London so Far ( April 07) […]

Guess who is going to be in the studio audience for the filming of Parkinson!

 Congratulations!, You have been successful in your application to the  filming of the highly anticipated sixth series of PARKINSON! at The London Television Centre on Wednesday 9th May 2007. Doors open at 5:30 pm and close promptly at 6:00 pm. Guests include Patrick Stewart, Ian Hislop and Gene Wilder  With music from Joe Cocker