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November 2006

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I do things too you know!

Cal is so much better at describing things than I, so while I was viagra canadian pharmacy in attendance at pretty much all of the things she’s described (“sitting at home and playing xbox” as it were) , I think her commentary is quite apt and will so let it be. This may also be […]

Petty Coat Lane Markets

This weekend has been fairly relaxed Friday and sat night saw Phil and I catch up on our TV watching (Grey's Anatomy – All the love affairs is getting too much for me., Heros – New series that I like a lot more than Phil does, Veronica Mars – Logan is one to watch, Lost […]

F for Fireworks

Guy Fawkes ( Weekend has just past and what a weekend it was. I have mentioned before my penchant for fireworks and this was the weekend made specifically for me in that respect. The local youth (i assume) have been letting fire works off around the neighborhood for weeks but up until this weekend it […]

Borough Markets

I went to Borough Markets ( for lunch today with Gab. It was absolutely packed but still through all those people you can see and smell loads of good food. Highlights were the Mushroom Pate and the Ultra chocolate brownie. I would say that the best time to go is probably 11am (Fri) before the […]

Leeds Castle

21st of September was another big day in the Cally and Phil tourism calendar. Raquel and I had been hanging to head out to Leeds Castle for some time and finally a free weekend presented itself (due to a late cancellation of a trip to the Isle of Wight). Now the big draw card really […]

Thames Festival

Cast your mind back cialis cheap to the 16th of September. This was the night I headed out with Scott and his crew to check out the Thames Festival down along the river. It stretched from Waterloo Bridge all the way along to the millennium bridge along the south side of the river. The main […]