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September 2006

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Camden and Cruises

Well another week has passed and with work being SO slow I have started thinking about possibly handing in my notice and looking for another contract else where. I mean I have been so bored and just cant understand why they don't give me more work to do. Will hold on for another month and […]

Smoothie Horror

Today when walking to work I picked up a fruit smoothie titled 'Good Morning' and vaguely wondered, as i sucked the deep purple mixture of mango, blueberries, banana, orange juice & Good Morning Booster, just what its nutritional information would be. As with all the new 'fresh food eateries they don�t have to supply you […]

The weekend of Phil.

I just had a really awesome weekend. Anyone want to guess what I did? If your guess involves shooting squirrels out of a cannon, you're wrong, but I like your thinking you crazy devil. My weekend was spent doing nothing. Zip. Nada. Ziltch. And it kicked ass. A couple of weeks ago I bought myself […]

Gym Trial

I have started a 7 day gym trial with gabby at the local fitness first 'Platinum'. In Australia Platinum fitness firsts have superior just about everything (classes, equipment, change rooms etc).. and usually a pool. Here in merry ol England it is just and indicator of the popular ones that they want to limit entry […]

Tip to Australia 2007

Well there has been a hickup with the planed trip to Australia for Australia day 2007. There are apparently no seats left, in our ticket class, left from Singapore to Sydney… Phil is looking into our options but if nothing reasonalby priced can be found we will be coming over in mid febuary instead. azithromycin […]

The goings on

Well we almost made it to Chipping Sodbury – or as my uncle says 'Sodding Chipbury'. Hehe.. now i have no idea what the town is like or any great desire to find out – i just love the name. I mean how can you not? Phil and I headed down to Bristol on friday […]

State of the Union

A friend of mine posted the following on our goups forum: Remember, remember the 5th of September, 2000 by Kathy McMahon If you believe that soon the world will resemble the events that occurred around the 5th of September, 2000, would you right now: (a) Use the money you've saved to go travelling around […]