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June 2006

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Bogan for a day

I've made my fair share of condecending comments about Bogans* in the past. I mean if you wear "flanno", have a girlfriend called Shazza, and drink VB the jokes generally write themselves. But I'm not here today to make jokes about our friends from the western suburbs – I'm here to stand proudly in front […]

Brush with Fame

So we were out and about last night with Mendel, Marie and Scott and who was in the 'Garlic and Shots' bar with us but: I fell so cool.. buy propecia now hanging with the stars in Soho :p

On addiction

I must appologise for the lack of updates lately – this has been due to the fact that had really bad hayfever for the last couple of weeks, and my day involves working, coming home, eating and then going to sleep because my eyes sting so much I can't keep them open. Thankfully for you […]

Its SO hot.

Its 27 and im melting.. i havent felt anything like heat since march! Gabby has departed for Germany leaving me on my lonesome to wander the streets of Amsterdam one last time, and wander I have. Moved hostels (to the other christen hostel in Amsterdam – Shelter Jordan) only to find that I had left […]


The traditional symbol for porn (XXX) also happens to be the symbol for the city of Amsterdam. Things have not changed in the redlight district at least.. our excellent christen hostel is smack dab in the middle of the red light district and more specifically on the transexuals street. And they work 24 hours a […]

Religious Experience

Well today it crystallised in my mind just how religious this holiday has become. It started innocently enough with us visiting various churches and stumbling over a Bible Tour in the Belgium Art Gallery but has become more evident after watching the Da Vinci Code last night and receiving the 'Pray to Jesus' sermons in […]

Mussels in Brussels

Well I have stolen away on Gabby's ´big trip´ and found myself battling the weather, a cold and wacky european keyboards but most of all enjoying myself in the lulls. I will start first with my keyboard rant as the one i am currently using is killing me slowly, my reasoning is built up frustration […]

So Ronrey

In the immortal words of King Jong Il I’m…. so Ronrey. … Wait – no – screw it. I did have a big post written out complaining about how I'm having trouble being included socially at work, and the fact that Cal is off travelling leaving me a nigel no friends at home but I'm […]