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Tick tock.

My name is Phil Sullivan. I start a new job and and my birthday is on the same day. This will be the longest day of my life. I knew that I was going to start early the next day, but in an effort to prove to myself that turning 25 wasn't old we were […]

Pop culture references

I should really start by explaining my lack of updates lately. You see, over the past couple of weeks while Cal has been working I've been trying to sort out my own work situation. I've had a very solid offer (I think) with that Ninja Theory company which I'll probably accept, but they've been sorta […]

Death match

Round 1: Domestos 0 – Lime Scale 1 We all had high hoped for Domestos if bravado and reputation had anything to do with the fight he may have had a chance but Lime Scale played dirty and through sheer stamina and strength overcame the crowd favorite Domestos in what turned out to be no […]

Oysters anyone?

Well we have finally secured accommodation so are definitely off to Brighton for a weekend by the sea side. Notice how I didn’t use the word beach, well it was deliberate. For Brighton is apparently a Pebble ‘Beach’ anything without sand is not a beach in my book but don’t get me wrong I’m very […]

Happy Mothers Day

The best thing about work is that it makes weekends special again and Fridays a magical halfway house for the soul. My job is at a small start up called Solution Forge which late last year was bought (64%) by a massive Danish company, called Simcorp, to complement their application. Thus started Solutions Forges surge […]

This is the life.

Now that we've been in our new place for almost a week now, it's time for some impressions. First and foremost, I've downgraded my opinion of this place from the outside from "looks somewhat like a slum" to "looks exactly like a slum". Not that this is a bad thing – it's not as if […]

Where the <3 is

Today the house hunt came to an end. It was not far off an epic journey with much angst in the hunt. We have taken a large room close to old st Station and angel. For the uninitiated (like us until quite recently) this is in central London also known as ZONE 1. We scored […]

“Heat Wave!”

Before I begin, Hoa, you really should know better than saying things like this to me: .. for one reason or another, I have this image of Phil prowling the back alleys barefoot and in a tattered t-shirt and rolled-up jeans in the middle of the night, picking fights with stray cats… I could be […]


My Day: 06:00am – Alarm goes off 06:25am – Get up:p 07:30am – Catch lift with Sue to Liverpool St Station in best interview outfit. 09:15am – Arrive at Liverpool St Station 09:34am – Train departs for Shenfield 10:00am – Arrive at Shenfield 10:03am – find a table in Lot 75 – local cafe in […]