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April 2006

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London or Bust

Since our last post we have been grand tourists. My cousin Rob and his wife Sue took us to Mill Green to see a working water wheel mill and have a picnic lunch. We also stowed away on his weekly trip to St Albans markets and stayed to see the Roman Museum and ruined amphitheatre. […]

Witty Title

First, I'd like to set some things straight which Cal may have expressed in her previous entry. Foremost, my distaste for architecture and gardens is nothing new – my green thumb is brown and dead, and my appreciation for architecture extends as far as saying "That building looks cool". I guess what Cal was referring […]

London Town

Since being back from Ireland we have been Avbury, with my aunt Jean and Uncle Robin, to view the stone circles and get in touch with our stone age selves. Was great to walk around and be able to touch the stones (AND chase the sheep). I joined the National Trust so will be dragging […]


This is a post I wrote prior to our trip to Ireland: Headed across the old bridge to Wales and saw our first castle, Chepstow Castle or as the Welsh like to call is Gastell Casgwent. It is perched on a cliff in Wales with a river dividing it from England on the far bank. […]

Irish Eyes

(thank phil for the post title) 6:30am flight out tomorrow morning and we say goodbye to Ireland for the time being. Highlight of the trip for me was spendign the day in Mayo, well being driven round it at ultra high speeds by Celine's L plater sister. Such beautiful country around mayo. Mountains and Lakes […]

Guinness gives me gas.

And it's really bizarre. Now while I'm hesitant to drag this log down into the gutter with a topic on flatulence, the greater good demands that the topic be touched on. Guinness gives me gas. Its an undeniable fact really. As we've been touring around, I've been trying all the beers I find along the […]

Kill Arney

So we beaing the adventuours travelers that we are have continued our bus journey to the wilds of Killarny – a quaint tourist town filled to the brim with Yanks. We are here to sample to the natural delights which abound in the region. The Ring of Kerry, the Dunlow gap (or something like that)… […]

My ass Hertz

Well it's finally time for an update from me I guess. I'll start by saying that I now hate the car company Hertz with the fire of a thousand suns. You see, Cal and I had the perfect plan for Ireland. We'd come in, see Dublin for a few days, and then hire a car […]


WE'RE IN DUBLIN! Beautiful city. But a B!tch to find accom on Sat nights! ended up staying in the city centre in a georgian mansion foe a meer 100 euros (including full breakfast). Havent really met many Irish people.. all the service jobs seem to be foreigners! Tomorrow we start our self drive tour of […]

The Shoe and the Folly.

On Monday we went to Bath and it was amazing. It started out with a good omen, as far as Phil was concerned, with the appearance of a Southgate shopping centre next to the bus stop we alighted at. For the uninitiated Southgate is Sylvania�s pinnacle shopping experience and the location of Phil’s first job. […]