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March 2006
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Well after A LOT of bus travel we are in sweaty Sukhothai. Got off at Chiang Mai Bus Station at 11:50 and on the "air conditioned" bus for Sukhothai at 12. such timing and precision i dare say we wont see again on this trip :p. Most bizarre sight of the trip: Elephant with tail […]

Pai in the sky.

Pai is a gorgeous laid back place on the banks of a lazy river nestled in the mountains. In the evenings it really comes alive, at 5ish local time, the Muslim calls to prayer start for the mosque and imbue the evening with a real spiritual feeling .. its so haunting at dusk.. after which […]

Blog is fixed

Hi guys, this is just to let you all know that I've managed to fix the problem with the blog that prevented people from commenting on things. It was all due to the prescence of apostrophes or quotation marks which broke some of the code. Regardless, commenting should work so you all have no excuse. […]

I chucked a homer

Well I chucked a “Homer”. For those of you who don’t know or remember what that viagra cheap is, to chuck a homer is to succeed through ineptitude, and that’s exactly what I’ve done so far, but more on that shortly. Since the last update in Bangkok as Cally has mentioned we’ve been up to […]

Chang Mai

spend two days in hazy Bangkok.. the highlight of which was the 2 hour Massage for under 16 bucks! food is awesome.. 70cent noodle soup for breakfast is sooo good.. we are up in chang mai at the moment, did a 3 day jungle trek including elephant ride and bamboo rafting with ludicrously drunk thai […]