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March 2006

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Bangkok Hilton

Trapped in Bangkok. Thailand doesn't want us to leave. 20 minutes after sitting down in a Internet cafe relatively close (but not close enough in the end) to our accommodation (New Siam II – Highly Recommend) the monsoon starts. Its 32 Degrees Centigrade and there is hail falling out side. Locals are crowding under what […]

We have a system.

You know how we mentioned previously that the more package tourists there were around, the more creepy fat white men there were with hot asian women? Well we're in Phuket now and it looks like we've found the hive from which they all spring from. They're EVERYWHERE. Cal and I have been enjoying ourselves since […]

I have no words.

Well I guess I do have words, seeing as otherwise this'd be a fairly boring update. I firmly believe that we are right now in the most beautiful place on earth. Being here (Ko Phi Phi) is like a religious experience for me. See example: Now I thought that the east cost was great, but […]

Thai Colour Sense

We have stayed in various styles and price ranges of accomodation over the past 4 weeks and one thing seems to be common and particulary noticiable. This is the aparrent lack of/unique senese of style/interior decoration. For example: Blue tiles with pink grout, and green tiles with blue and this might all be in the […]


Not sure if this will really interest anyone but its my blog and i will bore if i want too :p Books read so far: – The Secret History (as recomended by Bunny) – Against a dark Background by Ian Banks (author recomended by Ian from work) – Mr Nice by Howard Marks (an autobiography) […]

Bad, bad buckets

Yay for electrocution by digital camera. Now one may not have thought this possible but in the land of Thai [i]everything[/i] is possible. note: the camera and entire computer case are actually electrofied as poor phil discovered – dont worry though the thumb is still in action and will appear in the near future. Now […]

Under the sea…

darling it's better, down where it's wetter take it from me. Up on the land they slave away, down in the sea we play all day. Under the sea! Another quick update, and really just an excuse to post this picture. I promise I'll stop posing with my thumb up. It's like subconscious or something. […]

Island in the sun

Here is me adding yet another photo to the series of me grinning like a madman and giving the thumbs up to the camera. Can you really blame me though? We're on a beautiful island in the thailand see, there's silky sand, palmtrees, it's about 30 degrees every day, the water is warm, and there's […]

Back in Bangkok

Its been a glorious few days. Eating, shopping, eating some more, sight seeing and generlly living it up. Upon our arrival back at khao San Rd we headed to a little place close by, and got the last avalible double with aircon. Really the best features were the soft western bed (thai's prefer to sleep […]


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