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March 2023

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Let the planning begin

So we have time and we have money and all we lack is a locked in plan. Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt are as locked in as they can get. We move out of out little birds nest on Drummond street on the 8th of July and head to my cousins to roost. So […]

What is this?

A new post? On this blog? I’m honestly just as surprised as you are. Consider this me blowing the cobwebs of this thing. We’re off travelling in a few months, so we’re actually thinking there may be a use for it again. Right now I’m thinking of integrating twitter and maps support, so you’ll be […]

Design can make you happy

I found a link to this video on Jonathan Carroll’s website: I loved some of the examples he gave of designs which have caused happiness. purchasing levitra 🙂

Wish List

Ok so I have been unemployed for a while now and have started to accumulate a list of things I want to buy. SO to keep them for posterity, or until I have money to buy them, I have decided to write them here. 🙂 Clothing: Kimonos! (ebay or web) Lingerie: AP Jewellery: Name Necklace […]

Review of Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions

Recently I have been to several galleries and exhibitions and here are my thoughts: Tate Britian Its only since I have been back that I have visited this gallery that is 5 mins walk from where we are living.It displays purely British Artists. Together with Phil and Zarina, a fellow member of the Aussies […]

Review of Markets

So we are back in London and being unemployed I have been utilising all London has to offer (for free). SO after the past few weeks of frantic freeloading I thought it was about time to put up some thoughts on the various locations First lets start with Markets: Broadway Markets (Sat) Relatively small market […]

Merry Christmas 07!

The last few years (except for last year) I’ve had a habit of doing a bit of a multimedia “thingo” to send to everyone since I’m too cheap to buy a whole load of presents and christmas cards. Normally I do something really creative and interesting and time involving, but this year I went lowfi […]

Now that’s a Cool Cat.

For the last week or so, Cal and I have been on Phi Phi Island – the place I have previously described as the “Most Beautiful Place on Earth” chilling out. It’s been a nice respite from being on the go constantly, and be able to just spend a day at the beach if we […]

Doin' it Greek Style.

Just a quick post as an excuse cialis soft tabs to post the following image (Credit to Cal for the idea/Photo). Did you know: Apparently it’s illegal to dance and/or jump at any of Athens’ monuments? We learnt this the hard way when I was told off for doing each on two seperate occasions. You […]

The Story so far. Photos! L@@k!

Okay, it’s been a while – and in order to save the hassle of actually recounting 3 months of events, I’ll now present to you a photographic highlights package of what we’ve been up to. These aren’t neccessarily the best photos we’ve taken, but I guess they’re the most representative of our shenanigans. This is […]