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October 2020

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Whirling Dervish

We went to a Dervish show at the Hodjapasha Center, an old reovated bath house. In the bar area was a Sufi exhibition from which Phil grabed the statement about the moon that he twittered below. The visual impact of the dance itself is one of surealness and peace. it is as if they are […]

Rinse Rangers or Starship Troopers

We were living in a relative ignorant bliss during the week in Istanbul thinking we knew what crowds were after walking in Taksim on a Thursday night. That was until the perfect storm of 3 mega cruise ships and the weekend – Only then did we truely know what crowds looked like. Now I know […]

Greek Islands

Santorini Santorini is quite simply spectacular. Made by the remianents of a super volcano of which all that is left is the caldera (Greek for crater). The white washed villages perch on the cliff edge looking out over the crater and offer amazing sunsets. Each layer you can see in the side of the cliff […]


20/09/09 – Santorini, Greece (08:00 Fly London>Santorini EasyJet) 24/09/09 – Mykinos, Greece (Boat Santorini>Mykinos) 26/09/09 – Kusudasi, Turkey (01:30 Boat Mykinos>Samos, 17:00 Boat Samos>Cusudasi) 27/09/09 – Troy and Gallipoli, Turkey 28/09/09 – Istanbul, Turkey 05/10/09 – Pamukkale, Turkey 06/10/09 – Selcuk, Turkey 07/10/09 – Fethiye, Turkey 09/10/09 – Antalya, Turkey 10/10/09 – Goreme, Turkey 12/10/09 […]

Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester

Heading to Afternoon tea at the Dorchester in just over an hour with Z and SYO. Christophe Michalak, pastry world-champion and Head Pastry Chef at The Dorchester’s sister property Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris, is there till the end of the day to showcase his talents. On offer are ‘My Little Boat’, a chocolate sail on […]

This will be me.


Kapow Krakow!

I flew to Krakow, Poland, on Friday night 21st August on my own. It had been booked out of frustration that I was not travelling my last summer in Europe (Phil either had no passport or could not leave the UK as would not be let back in!). Krakow was a really really (sadly) romantic […]


Day 1 Tough first day. Diving in dry suit is not easy in the slightest. Second dive was far better. 150 m visibility through a crack between two continents. Spectacular. Above the surface is flat and featureless until the rift in crust that forms a sheer cliff face that goes all the way to the […]

Let the planning begin

So we have time and we have money and all we lack is a locked in plan. Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt are as locked in as they can get. We move out of out little birds nest on Drummond street on the 8th of July and head to my cousins to roost. So […]

What is this?

A new post? On this blog? I’m honestly just as surprised as you are. Consider this me blowing the cobwebs of this thing. We’re off travelling in a few months, so we’re actually thinking there may be a use for it again. Right now I’m thinking of integrating twitter and maps support, so you’ll be […]